Remedial Astrology of Vedic Astrology

As we have seen, the birth chart reflects what circumstances in this life we can expect to experience. According to the Vedic Astrology, these effects are a result of past actions, actions in previous lifetimes.

Remedial Astrology
Our time and place of birth are not random, it precisely specifies a birth chart for us, delivering the results of our past actions through the quality of Natural Law at the time of birth. The act of birth imprints these laws in our physiology and the environment we are born in. The planetary positions are merely convenient indicators of those laws, accurate instruments to measure, calculate and interpret these laws.
The interpretation of the birth chart is merely a reflection of our stage of evolution at the time of our birth; it does not limit us in any way to grow and improve upon it. Even though the analysis includes a lifetime of dashas and transits, one should realize that all of that remains relative to the evolutionary state at the time of birth. Past actions are the result of past choices. When people become aware of choices that they no longer wish to keep, they can change their life by starting to choose differently.
Remedial measures are things we can do to help correct or neutralize the undesired results of past actions.

There are different types of remedial measures.

Vedic astrology (Jyotisha) has three main branches
  1. Jap-Pujan
  2. Yantra
  3. Gemstones etc.

Navagraha Daan

As we have seen, the birth chart reflects what circumstances in this life we can expect to experience. According to the Vedic Astrology, these effects are a result of past actions, actions in previous lifetimes.

Sun(Surya) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Copper, ruby, red clothes or flowers, sandalwood wood, khandsari, saffron
  • Timings to Donate: At sunrise on Sunday

Moon(Chandra) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Rice, milk, silver, pearl, curd, misri, white cloth flowers or sandalwood
  • Timings to Donate: On Monday evening

Mars(Mangal) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, flower, sandalwood, dal masoor
  • Timings to Donate: On Tuesday, within 48 min. before sunset

Mercury(Budh) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Ivory, sugar, green cloth, flower, moong, camphor, turpentine oil
  • Timings to Donate: On Wednesday within 2 hrs. before sunset

Jupiter(Guru) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Gold, topaz, ruby, gram dal, salt, turmeric, gur, brown sugar, laddoos
  • Timings to Donate: On Thursday evening

Venus(Shukra) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Ghee, camphor, curd, silver, rice, sugar, white cloth flower or cow
  • Timings to Donate: On Friday at sunrise

Saturn(Shani) Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Iron, black nails, cloth, flowers, mash dal, musk, black cow or horse
  • Timings to Donate: At noon on Saturday

Rahu Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Sarson, mooli, blanket, til, lead, saffron, satnaja (mixed seven grains), coal
  • Timings to Donate: On Sunday morning

Ketu Daan

  • Articles of Donation: Til, gold, musk, blanket (black or white), Sugar, lead, saffron, satnaja (mixed seven grains), part of food to black-white dog
  • Timings to Donate: On Sunday morning

Yantra Remedial Astrology

Literally, Yantra means an instrument. Sanskrit word Yantra means apparatus. The Yantra is a geometric design which provides you a focusing point for concentration and meditation. The Yantras are considered highly efficient because they help you do better contemplation, concentration and meditation and the possibilities of your making mistakes or going straight while meditating also decrease with the smart use of Yantras. As mantras are recited to attain realization of God similarly visualization imagination of Yantra is also helpful to attain union with God
Yantras in most advanced phases are used to achieve total silence in mind where mental chatter stops completely. This is achieved by tactics of concentration. You shall have to meditate on one single object like Yantra. This Yantra shall be used till the time your mind achieves aspired silence. after achieving this silence you shall be training yourself to keep your mind empty without the help of Yantra. Slowly you shall be becoming more progressive in your effort of realization of God in your life. Different Yantras are different Gods, therefore, by tunning yourself in a specific Yantra you shall be tapping a specific creative energy center of God in the universe.
Yantras can be defined as a visible mantra. They have been used since the Vedic age to remove the malefic effects of certain evil forces and to strengthen the positive powers. Yantras are available to create vibration and other mystic effects of a mantra by sight. These Yantras are representing God are based on specific geometrical design and mathematical equations.
For energizing Yantra the assistance of a learned and expert person in energizing Yantra is taken. The process of energizing Yantra (Prnprathistha) is done by reciting the Mantras of the presiding deity of Yantra and after that Hamas should be performed by decorating the place of sacred fire and Ahutis should be given. Use of energized Yantras is popular because they are highly beneficial for us in thousands of ways. If the user of Yantra is having enough faith, trust, and respect for Yantras, he shall get benefitted from the countless benefits of Yantras in several ways like to get rid of poverty, enemies, anger, bad time, bad effects of planets, diseases and many more. 

Rudraksha Remedial Astrology

What is Rudraksha? Rudraksha is formed by the association of two words, 'RUDRA' and 'AKSHA'. Rudra is the name of Lord Shiva. Aksha means 'tear'. It is said that the plant of Rudraksha is originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva.
As per the Vedic scriptures, Rudraksh can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say Rudraksha of any mukhis can never do any harm to the wearer unlike Navratnas, which have to be carefully chosen. The seed of Rudraksha has been given a very special place and it is credited with mystical and divine properties. It is said that the seed of Rudraksha contains the secrets of entire evolution of the cosmos within it.
The Rudraksha is worn for their specific benefits. These are much more powerful and can help achieve wonders if energized and empowered the right way. Rudraksha of different mukhis pleases the corresponding planets. It may be sufficient to go in for only for those mukhis whose ruling planets, cause malefic effects. Before wearing the Rudraksha it is better to cleanse and purify it with milk, ghee, oil etc. and do plan prathista (give life to the Rudraksha) when the mantras corresponding to the mukhis are chanted, the Rudraksha gets activated.
It is believed and proved that Rudraksha beads have certain Electromagnetic and Inductive properties and when worn over the heart they send out corresponding signals differing for different mukhis to the brain, activating or controlling certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters thereby inducing states of mind as described in ancient scriptures.
Medically it has been proved that Rudraksha has very powerful Anti Ageing properties because of the Dynamic Polarity of the Rudraksha a bead thus the healing powers of Rudraksha are far superior to that of Magnets.
There is a lot of questions raised about the originality of rudraksha beads, especially for the costlier beads. Some people even give certificates for the originality of rudraksha. Also, there are many other methods followed by the people such as boiling it in water etc. But, in fact, the originality of rudraksha can only be judged by cutting the bead into two equal halves i.e. the number of faces is decided by the number of seeds (beej) or holes. When the rudraksha is cut into two halves it is seen as follows:



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Remedial Astrology of Vedic Astrology
As we have seen, the birth chart reflects what circumstances in this life we can expect to experience. According to the Vedic Astrology, these effects are a result of past actions, actions in previous lifetimes.
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