Explain Overall Aspect About Me and My Girlfriend [Asked by Gaurab Manandhar]

Relationship Horoscope Asked by Gaurab Manandhar from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Explain Overall Aspect About Me and My Girlfriend [Asked by Gaurab Manandhar]
Relationship Horoscope Asked by Gaurab Manandhar 
Name/Nike Name: Gaurab Manandhar
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: 18 May 1997, 07:30 AM
Age: 23 years (completed)
Country: Nepal
City, Region: Kathmandu
Tell me about me and my girlfriend (partner's details hidden for privacy reason) 
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru
Dear Gaurab Manandhar,
As per the comparison between your and your partner's natal chart we can see that you share moderate compatibility 20 of of 36 which does indicate that you have good prospects of spending romantic love life or marital life if you want with your partner. However, some ups and downs (general misunderstanding) in your love life or relations likely to happen time to time but it shall not be love term issue. Here we've defined compatibility between you and your partner for living in relation in the following points:
Naadi pad koot: Since Nadi Koota Agreement is present in the prospective couples' charts (you and your partner), considering Nadi-Pada Agreement is not necessary.
Mahendra koot: Mahendra Koota Agreement is not present in the prospective couples' charts.
Stree dirgh koot: Stree-Deergha Koota Agreement is not present in the prospective couples' charts. But since Rashi-Koota and Graha-Maitri Koota Agreements are present, the absence of Stree-Deergha Koota can be ignored.
Raju koot: Rajju Koota Agreement is present in the prospective couples' charts. They would remain free from worries and will enjoy alround happiness.
Vedh koot: Since the boy's Moon's nakshatra and the girl's Moon's nakshatra are not in mutual vedha relationship, they will understand each other perfectly well and temperamental clashes or emotional outbursts are far less likely to happen.
Same Birth Rashi (Sign): The boy's Moon and the girl's Moon fall in different Rashis. So, the case of common Janma Rashi does not arise.
Birth Namkshatra
The boy's and the girl's Moon do not fall in the same Nakshatra.
Same birth Namkshatra pada: Since the boy's and the girl's Moon do not fall in the same Nakshatra, the question of same Nakshatra-Pada does not arise. As such, marriage  or love relations between you and your oartner can be approved.

Checking for the presence of Vashya-Koota Agreement (In-depth analysis)

The boy's Vashya belongs to the Dwipada group, while the girl's Vashya belongs to the Jalachara group. This is not very favourable. As such, love relation or marriage-compatibility on this count is only nominally present. On this count, contribution to the Koota-agreement score will be = 0'5 point (Out of 2).

Checking for the presence of Tara-Koota Agreement

By counting nakshatras from the girl's janma-nakshatra to the boy's janma-nakshatra, we obtain the figure 5; upon dividing by 9, it yields a remainder 5, which is not favourable. By counting nakshatras from the boy's janma-nakshatra to the girl's janma-nakshatra, we obtain the figure 24; upon dividing by 9, it yields a remainder 6, which is not favourable. As such, love life or marriage-compatibilty on account of Dina-Koota is partially present in the chart. On this count, contribution to the Koota-agreement score will be = 1'5 points (Out of 3).

Checking for the presence of Yoni-Koota Agreement

The boy's nakshatra falls in the category of Buffalo (F), while the girl's nakshatra falls in the category of Cat (M). As per Yoni-koota agreement, for this combination, a contributory score of 2 is obtained on this account.

Checking for the presence of Graha-Maitri Koota Agreement

The boy's janma-rashi adhipati is Mercury and the girl's janma-rashi adhipati is Moon. These two adhipati planets are mutually inimical (shatru) to each other as per naisargika relationship. This is not a favourable combination, as this particular koota indicates the psychological dispositions of the couple; the mental qualities of the pair may not be at all harmonious, and they may not have real concern for each other -- which is likely to disturb happiness in love or married life. On this account, the contribution to the Koota-agreement score will be = 0 (Out of 5).

Checking for the presence of Gana-Koota Agreement

The boy's nakshatra falls in the Deva-gana group, while the girl's nakshatra also falls in the Devari (Rakshasha) group. Since the boy belongs to the higher or nobler group, this is a favourable combination, as gana signifies the individual's temperament and inclinations. The boy will possess a matured outlook, possess some very desirable qualities and have a patient nature, while the girl might be endowed with an entirely different kind of temperament and they may soon find that they hardly have anything in common. This combination is not at all favourable. On this count, the contribution to the Koota-agreement score will be = 0 (Out of 6).

Checking for the presence of Rashi-Koota Agreement

The boy's janma-rashi is Virgo, and the girl's janma-rashi Cancer. The Rashi Koota-agreement contribution score is 7.

Checking for the presence of Nadi-Koota Agreement

The boy's Nadi falls in Adi(Vata) category, while the girl's Nadi falls in category ANtha(Shleshma) As the Nadis of the boy and the girl does not belong to the same category, the indications are favourable. Marriage or love relation between the two parties can be recommended -- provided the total of Koota-agreement score does not become less than 18 points. The contributory score on this account is = 8.

General Characteristics (About you):

Your Ascendant falls in sign Gemini, which is signified by the picture of a pair of children - the symbol of duality. This sign has been classified as an airy, common or flexed sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is human, double-bodied or bi-corporeal, sterile, and violent by nature; it is a sign of voice also.
For being born in this Ascendant, you will be basically an intellectual person - probably having some artistic inclinations as well; when it comes to intellectual pursuits, you will be industrious. Some of your special characteristics will be a unique kind of versatility, dualistic nature, and somewhat excitable disposition. You will be highly intelligent and very humane, well disposed to others, truly judicious and impartial. You will be very polite, amicable and skilled and a prominent orator. You will have an insatiable thirst for various kinds of knowledge and information, and the latest technological developments will attract you grossly. You will be of inventive nature and try to explore every aspect of the related subject. Your education, knowledge and brainpower will help you to achieve advancement in your career as well as in life. You will be rational and open minded. Your wisdom and diplomatic skills will help you to beat or destroy your adversaries.
You will be a disciplined and principled person. But in spite of possessing so many desirable qualities, you may lack patience. You may have ever-changing views and shifting objectives; you may believe in or preach something today, but your views may become just the obverse tomorrow or the day after. You may make the observing people quite confused at times; yet they will always consider you to be an interesting person. You will love every one.

Physical Appearance:

You are likely to have a tall, slender and elegant physical structure. You will have a charming face with expressive eyes, wide forehead, curly hair, long arms and fingers.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Virgo - which is ruled by Mercury. It is a common, negative, and earthy sign. You are likely to have a quiet, easy-going, and somewhat irresolute nature; but you may not be overly ambitious, will be totally devoid of boasting habits, and always abhor vain pretensions. Although you will be endowed with a fair degree of intellectual powers, and will remain engaged in intellectual pursuits, you may rather prefer to function in a position that involves responsibility and even sub-ordination; this is since you will attach more value and importance to leading your life in peace, and always prefer to avoid unnecessary tensions.
You will remain closely attached to your home, and your near and dear family-members will make your life very joyful and happy. Agriculture, agricultural produce, medicines, herbals, food-articles, bakeries, confectioneries, domestic consumables, and other items of household applications will attract your attention more in comparison. You will develop very cordial relationships with your colleagues, superiors and sub-ordinates alike; and if you are ever employing a domestic servant, he/ she also will always remain very well disposed to you, and treat you with great respect.
Your innate nature will be quick and alert, yet at the same time you may also be somewhat secretive - which will make you unusually patient. Steep decline of family-fortune, or complex domestic disputes, or some other kind of imposed restraint or privation in early life may make you somewhat inward-looking or withdrawn. You are likely to have formal study of analytical sciences, but dexterous arts will also be of interest to you as well - you will not only have the keen desire to learn the theoretical text-matters, but will also be interested in the practical features or applied aspects - which you will consider to be more important in comparison.
You may come up with some original findings of your own, or discover some facts, or invent some appliances - which will find useful applications in mundane activities. As time passes by, your maturity and the capacity to contribute will increase; you will develop a vivacious and genial nature, brilliance in conversations, and mastery of pleasing allusions. Possibly you will undertake some journeys to distant inland or even foreign places - on an academic or cultural mission.


You will be creative, artistic and imaginative. You will have the ability to adjust yourself according to the circumstances. Due to your humorous nature and charismatic personality, you will be the pride of gatherings. You will be sympathetic and always help the people. You will be intellectual and multitalented. Your speaking abilities will be excellent.

Negative Traits:

You can waste your energy in knowing new things. Your choice may be wrong in selection of friends- as they may deceive you. You may be a swindler.

Special Characteristics:

  1. You will be intelligent, skilled and original.
  2. You will be versatile and have knowledge of many fields.
  3. You will be humours, witty and full of energy.
  4. You will have great interest of reading and writing.

Suitable Profession:

Publication, Journalism, communication, marketing and transport can be favourable fields for you. You can look forward to having excellent advancement in space research, navigation, tourism, cottage industry or information technology. You can be a lawyer, professor, accountant, consultant or mathematician.
Similarly we've prepared some information about your partner too:

General Characteristic

Your partner's Ascendant falls in sign Aries. This sign has been classified as a fiery, cardinal (movable or acute) and equinoctial sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is masculine, sterile, fruitful, bestial, and violent by nature.
For being born in this Ascendant, your partner will become very courageous, and have a somewhat rash, impulsive, and intemperate nature; she will be dauntless, bold, and fearless. She will be endowed with an ever-optimistic outlook, the 'never-learnt-to-admit-defeat' attitude, and high ambition - as she nurture a deep-rooted desire for gaining prominence at her earliest. For being highly ambitious, she may reach to the highest position in her profession. Her unique qualities will give her recognition in sphere of her profession or business, whatever case it may be. She may become a head of any department or office or organization. If she is unable to enjoy peculiar rights at her work place, she will be able to find new ways for herself very soon.
She will be determined and very active, with a positive attitude. She will not be averse to make proper use of energy and force - she will be assertive, positive, and can be extremely aggressive at times. She will not put down her work incomplete. She will be endowed with distinctive vitality, logical and genius. For this reason, she will accomplish your job in a systemic way with a scientific approach by using all available facts and data. At times, she may become quite audacious, even may appear rough or rude; and if someone ever antagonizes her, she may even resort to outright violence. In spite of these all, she will possess some invaluable and unique qualities; like ingeniousness and a very enterprising nature.
You partner will admire beauty & art. In her own walk of life, her contemporaries will surely adore her, always treat her to be one of their very own, and consider her as a veritable source of inspiration. She will be inclined towards males. She may be succeeded to tie a nuptial knot with the boy whom she has liked at her early age. She will love children and her first child will be the apple of her eye. She may suffer from bilious disorder. Thank you.



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Explain Overall Aspect About Me and My Girlfriend [Asked by Gaurab Manandhar]
Relationship Horoscope Asked by Gaurab Manandhar from Kathmandu, Nepal.
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