When Will I Get Married? [Asked by Poonam Setia]

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth Asked by Poonam Setia

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth Asked by Poonam Setia
Name/Nike Name: Poonam Setia.
Gender: FEMALE
Birth Date: 17/06/1986
Birth Time: 01:18 pm
Age: 33 Years
Country: India
City, Region: Delhi
When will I get married?  
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru
Dear Poonam,
As per the deep analysis of Planet position and natal chart, there do not seems to have any supportive planet in 7th house (marriage related house) but having malefic effect from Sun and Mars in your chat. Due to which reason your marriage has been getting delayed. But, Venus is supportive in 8th house of your chart during the month of December of 2019 and you are likely to get married during that period but some efforts on your part should be passive. It can be seen that you are in love or romantic relationship during this time. In case you miss that chance, there remain highly favorable period for you to get married still remain during the month of Decemember of 2020. Your partner shall be handsome, good looking, attractive, loving, caring, romantic, kind, generous and helpful but a bit stubborn in his nature. You are likely to live happy, joyful and romantic married life with him.
If Jupiter is not 'combust', then this will be a really very enjoyable period, and you will be fortunate in many respects. It will be a highly beneficial time for reaping the harvest of the worthy deeds done in the recent past. You will come in close contact with some influential persons - from whom you will derive many benefits directly and indirectly. For your special abilities and accomplishments, you will receive due recognition; and due to benign influence of Jupiter people in general will be very favorably disposed to you. You will be treated with due respect in the society, and your credibility and honor will reach the crest. If you have been married and expecting a child, then you can look forward to being blessed with a worthy child - who is very much likely to a boy. However, in respect of your health you may face some problems: the limb as denoted by the sign-position of Sun might be affected by some disease, and your physical strength might become temporarily somewhat diminished; the ailment will however be amenable to treatment, and you will recover pretty soon. But if Jupiter is 'combust', then you may suffer from eye-disease or some health-complaints. If your Ascendant is Leo, then as it is the combined period of the Ascendant-lord and the 8th-lord, you may suffer from health-complications, or face an accidental mishap or untoward development. 

Your General Characteristics:

Your Ascendant falls in the Virgo sign. This sign has been classified as an earthy, common or flexed sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is sterile and human by nature.
For being born in this Ascendant, you will be endowed with an ingenious, studious, and witty nature. Always very systematic and methodical in your approach, you will be a very learned person - always in search of knowledge for the purpose of attaining perfection. You will be inclined to continuing informal studies or conducting research; the occult and the allied subjects might also be of interest to you. You will be a reservoir of patience and perseverance.
You will have high interest in art and literature. In all your affairs in general, you will habitually be critical and precise; yet, you will be soft-spoken, well mannered, benevolent, and judicious by nature. You will firmly believe in simple living and high thinking, and will manage your monetary affairs very prudently. You might be an avid collector of curious things - which may appeal to your fancy during sometime of your life; but, you may have a queer habit of not to part with anything you have ever collected.
Physical Appearance: Your complexion may be fair.You are likely to have a middle stature, and a well-made slender physical structure with a round face. Your eyes will be beautiful. Your voice might be somewhat high-pitched. At times, you may appear to be somewhat fickle-minded; and as age passes by, you may tend to acquire a melancholic disposition.

Your Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Virgo - which is ruled by Mercury. It is a common, negative, and earthy sign. You are likely to have a quiet, easy-going, and somewhat irresolute nature; but you may not be overly ambitious, will be totally devoid of boasting habits, and always abhor vain pretensions. Although you will be endowed with a fair degree of intellectual powers, and will remain engaged in intellectual pursuits, you may rather prefer to function in a position that involves responsibility and even sub-ordination; this is since you will attach more value and importance to leading your life in peace, and always prefer to avoid unnecessary tensions. You will remain closely attached to your home, and your near and dear family-members will make your life very joyful and happy.
Agriculture, agricultural produce, medicines, herbals, food-articles, bakeries, confectioneries, domestic consumables, and other items of household applications will attract your attention more in comparison. You will develop very cordial relationships with your colleagues, superiors and sub-ordinates alike; and if you are ever employing a domestic servant, he/ she also will always remain very well disposed to you, and treat you with great respect. Your innate nature will be quick and alert, yet at the same time you may also be somewhat secretive - which will make you unusually patient. Steep decline of family-fortune, or complex domestic disputes, or some other kind of imposed restraint or privation in early life may make you somewhat inward-looking or withdrawn.
You are likely to have formal study of analytical sciences, but dexterous arts will also be of interest to you as well - you will not only have the keen desire to learn the theoretical text-matters, but will also be interested in the practical features or applied aspects - which you will consider to be more important in comparison. You may come up with some original findings of your own, or discover some facts, or invent some appliances - which will find useful applications in mundane activities. As time passes by, your maturity and the capacity to contribute will increase; you will develop a vivacious and genial nature, brilliance in conversations, and mastery of pleasing allusions. Possibly you will undertake some journeys to distant inland or even foreign places - on an academic or cultural mission.

Your Qualities:

You will be endowed with a unique power of analysis. You will be intelligent and will have retentive memory. You will avoid conflicts and will love peace and harmony. You will work in a very systemic way. You will have knowledge of many fields. You will be prudent and will not waste money. You will have interest in art and music.

Your Negative Traits:

You may be confused and may be of a capricious minded. You may be devoid of self confidence. You may not be realistic and will chase your vague dreams.

Your Special Characteristics:

  1. You will intellectual and highly receptive.
  2. You will be dutiful and very systematic in approaches. You will be considerate of every minute detail
  3. You will be modest, religious and soft spoken.

Suitable Profession for You:

You can be a successful counselor, lawyer, doctor, teacher, professor, statistician, computer programmer, mathematician, accountant, singer, writer, or manager. You can gain from transport, travel, telephone, and jewelry business.

Benefic & Malefic Planets in your Chart:

  1. Venus, lord of the 2nd and 9th house, is benefic.
  2. Murcury, lord of ascendant, is most benefic.
  3. Jupiter, lord of the 7th house, is marakesh.
  4. Moon is malefic.
  5. Mars, lord of the 3rd and 8th house, is most malefic.
  6. Sun and Saturn are neutral.

Yogas Prediction or Planetary Combination in your Chart:

Important Yogas Applicable in Kundali(Chart) :

In your horoscope, a particular planet is situated alone in a sign, four planets are situated anywhere in its preceding six signs, while the remaining four planets are situated anywhere in its succeeding six signs. This constitutes a very favorable combination, termed as Anivahuppu Yoga. By virtue of presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be a person of distinguished caliber, and is sure to rise to a commanding position. You will receive active support from the superiors/ authorities on one hand, while on the other hand you will have a large number of devoted followers. (However, if the lone planet causing Anivahuppu Yoga becomes afflicted by receiving aspect of more than one natural malefic planets, the strength of this yoga will become consequently reduced; in such case, instead of a commander or managing director, you may then be reduced to a mere captain or an ordinary supervisor).
In your horoscope, the lords of the Ascendant- and the 12th- houses are situated in the mutually angular (kendra) houses - i.e., in the Ascendant-, the 4th-, the 7th- and the 10th- houses - while one or more friendly planets aspect/s these. This overall combination is highly auspicious - and is termed as Parvata Yoga (as per Vidyanatha's Jataka Parijata). By virtue of the presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be very fortunate, learned in ancient religious scriptures and sacred classics, gifted with eloquence, and of charitable disposition. Besides, you will be splendorous, mirthful, a very important and highly respected person in the city/ town/ village/ society.
In your horoscope, the sign-lord of the Ascendant-lord is strong - as it is in exaltation or in own-sign; besides, it is situated in an angular (kendra) or a trinal (trikona) house. This overall highly favorable combination is termed as Kahala Yoga (as per Mantreswara's Phala Deepika). By virtue of being born with this combination, you will become very energetic, crafty, and courageous. You will occupy a position of authority and power, and you will be the ruling person in an allocated area; you may become a police officer/ S.D.M./ Tehsildar/ Collector (District Magistrate).
In your horoscope, the 10th-lord is situated in any house other than the 3rd, the 6th, the 8th, and the 12th; the sign-lord (or the sign-lord) of the 10th-lord is situated in the 10th-house. This very favorable parivartana-yoga combination is termed as Mahaa Yoga. By virtue of having this auspicious combination present in your horoscope, you will be blessed by the goddess of wealth, and receive rewards and benefits from the authorities and the state. You will lead your life in comfort and style - together with your spouse, children, relatives and friends. You will be well-respected in the society, and your credibility, honor, fame, and reputation - all will be ever-waxing.
In your horoscope, natural benefic planet is associated with or aspected the Ascendant. The Ascendant-lord is situated in a favorable house (i.e., other than the trika-houses - the 6th, the 8th, and the 12th), and also in its exaltation or in own-sign. This overall combination constitutes a highly favorable combination, termed as Chamara Yoga. By virtue of the presence of this auspicious combination in your horoscope, you will be a person of virtuous disposition, and your value and importance will be increasing day by day. You will possess leadership qualities, and will be endowed with plenty and abundance. Your longevity will be high, and reputation will be ever-waxing.
In your horoscope, the Ascendant-lord is conjoined together with a natural malefic planet, and any natural benefic planet is neither associated with it nor aspects it; besides, no natural benefic planet situated in- or aspects- the Ascendant. The overall combination is rather unfavorable, termed as Deha-Kashta Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are present in your horoscope, then you may not be financially well-off, and/ or circumstantially may lack physical comforts and pleasures.
In your horoscope, a natural malefic planet - which is not in exaltation or in own-sign or in own-nakshatra - is situated in your 2nd-house. The 2nd-lord or the lord of its Navamsha-sign is a natural malefic planet, or is weak for being debilitated or combust or eclipsed, or is associated with a natural malefic planet in Lagna-Kundali or in Navamsha Kundali. This unfavorable combination is termed as Durmukha Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then then you may not be endowed with pleasing appearance; alternately, or in addition, you may acquire irritable disposition, tend to lose your temper frequently, and utter harsh and abusive words - for which even your own people may greatly dislike you.
In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is situated in the Navamsha-sign of a natural benefic planet, and Mars is situated in the sign of a natural benefic planet. Besides, the 3rd-lord is conjoined with or aspected by a natural benefic planet. This overall combination is favorable, termed as Parakrama Yoga. By virtue of having this yoga present in your horoscope, you will be endowed with courage, determination, and strength of will.

Applicable Ravi Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As a planet (excepting Moon) is placed in the 2nd from the position of Sun in your horoscope, it gives rise to a planetary combination known as Vesi Yoga. as the concerned planet is a natural benefic, the combination is an auspicious one. The overall combination is termed as Subha-Vesi Yoga. By virtue of presence of this combination in your horoscope, you will have a tall figure and be even sighted; besides, you will be truthful and have an optimistic outlook. However, you may tend to be not very energetic. Although you may not be very wealthy, you will still feel happy with your lot, and remain free from worries.
In your horoscope, Sun and Mercury are situated together in a sign of Mercury - Gemini (or Virgo). This constitutes Budhaditya Yoga - which is a favorable combination. Owing to the presence of this combination in your horoscope, you will be very intelligent and will have an analytical bent of mind. You will be very intelligent, and receive good education. As this combination falls in sign Gemini, engineering, technology, computer, communication, etc fields might be of special interest to you. [ But if it falls in sign Virgo, then general science, teaching, editing, commerce, accountancy, agriculture, etc fields would attract your special interest. ]

Applicable Nabhasha Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

A Nabhasha Yoga combination known as Damini Yoga is present in your horoscope. This is a praised planetary combination. You will be very affluent, have a thoroughly gentle nature, be endowed with fortitude, and will be very learned. You will possess generous instincts, and always have compassion for others. You will be kind to animals, and may even serve them in some way. You will perform traditional religious rites, enjoy a peaceful and happy married life, and have worthy and dutiful children. Your name and fame will be widespread.

Applicable Dhana Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As in your horoscope, the Ascendant-lord (= self), the 9th-lord (= fortune) and the 10th-lord (= profession) are very powerful and beneficially disposed, you will be very wealthy, and surely attain a very high station in life.
A highly auspicious combination is present in your horoscope. By dint of your own directed endeavors and by virtue of your sheer strength of will, you are destined to go far ahead of your contemporaries. All your ambitions will be realized, and all your cherished desires fulfilled. People around you will regard you as an exemplary person, and a source of inspiration. You will lead a prosperous and happy life with your spouse, children, relatives, and friends.
As your 11th house coincides with a watery sign, you may have good gains in or from the places situated in the northern direction from your native/ birth place.

Applicable Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

In your horoscope, Mercury is situated in an angular sign from your Ascendant; besides, it is strong as it is situated in exaltation-sign (or own-sign). This combination, known as Bhadra Yoga, is one of the so-called Pancha-Mahapurusha Yogas. Although the generic name of this class of yogas is apparently somewhat misleading, it nevertheless is a good yoga; it indicates increase of material possessions, and assures general prosperity. You will possess sharp intellect, be honest, create impression while addressing in the assembly, and will be praised by the learned. As Mercury is not combust (or eclipsed or retrograde) in your horoscope, the beneficial effects of the yoga will be quite significant.

Applicable Vitta Hani Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord aspects the planet - who is the lord of Navamsha-sign occupied by the 12th-lord planet. This is a Vitta-Hani Yoga combination; you are not likely to be a wealthy person. You may be a habitual spendthrift; owing to your nature, you may face financial hardship during your late-age periods.

Astro Constant Predictions:

Results of Birth in Soura 'Ayan':

You have been born in Sun's Uttarayana (or Soumyayana). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a liberal minded person endowed with generous instincts and have a high morale. You will always be engaged in doing virtuous deeds, and your conduct will be righteous. You will become known for possessing qualities like endurance, patience, and perseverance. You will enjoy a long life amidst ever waxing prosperity, and your domestic life will be peaceful and happy. However, if Sun is under Papa-Kartari Yoga, or has natural malefic planets in the next 'occupied' sign, or in the 8th from Sun's place, then you might become hard-hearted - as a result of suffering from various causes for a long duration.

Results of Birth in 'Ritu'(Seasons):

You have been born in Grishma Ritu (or Summer Season). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be endowed with plenty and abundance, and splendor and magnificence. You will be a learned person, an eloquent speaker, and unassailable in argument/ logic. You will possess an attractive figure with fine groomed long hair, expressive eyes, and pleasing countenance. Your body may generate more heat, and you may feel it very uncomfortable when exposed to hot environment; you may be a great lover of water-sports, and enjoy journeys through waterways.

Results of Birth in 'Masa'(Month):

(2)You have been born in Chaitra Masa (March/ April). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a courteous, modest, affectionate, virtuous, and learned person. You will be endowed with many desirable qualities, and some extraordinary gifts or talents. For your virtuous and philanthropic deeds, people in general will treat you with respect. With your profound learning in various sacred classics, you will attract the attention of the people from very high walks of life; you may shine forth as an Adviser or Consultant. Although some of deliberations might be of quite strange sort, still you will be able to get along with people from various walks of life very well.

Results of Birth in 'Paksha':

You have been born in Shukla Paksha. If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a person of amiable disposition and optimistic nature, and possess broadness of mind and a good moral character as well. With your clarity of thought and expression, you will be able to impress your contemporaries. You will be blessed with good longevity, and enjoy a peaceful and happy family life with your spouse and children. Your state of health may appear to be a bit delicate, but you will have strong resistance to disease.

Result of Birth in Weekday

You have been born on a Tuesday. As the lord of the weekday, Mars acquires special importance in your chart; its results - according to its occupied house-position - will become more important. Other indications in general are favorable. You will be a passionate person with a burning zeal - more apt to be forceful and commit even some rash acts with sudden spurt of energy. You may tend to speak in an ironical manner, and be fond of strife and conquest. You may earn your living from metals, land, real estate, or some active services like defense, police, firefighting, etc.

Results of Birth in Day or Night :

You have been born during daytime. The indications are favorable. You will be active, energetic, intelligent, and brilliant. You will inherit the good qualities of your father, possess fine expressive eyes, and have an ever-optimistic nature. You will become known for your meritorious deeds. Your earnings will be good, and you will befriend many persons from the higher walks of life. For your virtues and qualities, people in general will treat you with respect.

Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga :

As per Surya-siddhanta, you have been born in Varyan yoga. This yoga belongs to favorable category. By virtue of being born under this yoga, you will be fortunate in many respects. As the name implies, you will be an embodiment of humaneness, virtues, patience, and fortitude. In spite of possessing wealth and superior qualitative abilities, you will have a gentle nature and meek disposition. For your dispassionate nature and generous instincts, people will treat you with respect.

Results of Birth in Tithi :

You have been born on 'Dashami' (or the 10th) tithi. If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results will be more favorable. You will be a kind-hearted, polite and liberal-minded person. Your religious inclination will be profound, and you will study the sacred religious classics with great interest. Although you will be endowed with wealth and property, you will be known for your polite nature and gentle behavior; you may donate a good sum to a charitable institution, or remain actively engaged in doing some philanthropic activities and humanitarian deeds. However, if a natural malefic planet afflicts Moon by conjunction or aspect, then you may have a lustful nature, and your secret liaison with someone may become a savory 'talk of the town'.

Results of Birth in Karana :

You have been born in 'Taitila' Karana. It is the fourth Karana of the 'Chara' category. You will be endowed with a delicate physical structure, attractive features, sparkling eyes, and beautiful/ handsome appearance, and pleasing manners. You will be intelligent and clever, and with your oratorical skill you might be able to impress others; besides, you may have proficiency in games and sports, and might be an adept in some branch of fine arts. Although you will have a good moral character and be well known for your good conduct, yet you may have a somewhat pleasure-loving- and even amorous- nature; but as a very sensible person, you will be able to control yourself.

Results of birth in Nakshatra :

In your horoscope, Moon is situated in Chitra Nakshatra. By virtue of being born in this nakshatra, you will be fortunate in many respects. You will be endowed with beautiful/ handsome appearance with attractive features, charming face, and hypnotizing magnetic eyes. But you may be lacking in fortitude and patience, and may want to get things done in right earnest. You will possess sharp intelligence, great vigor, and beaming enthusiasm; but you may have queer notions or radical views about tradition and convention. You might be a lawyer or trader; your profession may have some connection with contractorship, building construction, electrical equipments/ components, etc.

Vimshottari Dasha Prediction:

Jupiter Dasha

Venus Antar Dasha

As this is the combined period of the two topmost natural benefic planets, you will have an exceedingly beneficial period ahead, and with confidence you can look forward to having only the very best of results. You will remain in good health, and your domestic life will be very peaceful and happy; you will remain in very cordial terms with your relatives and friends. You may have a family re-union, and also become the center of attraction in many social gatherings. In your sphere of profession, you will have exceptional progress, and your earnings will be swelled. You will live in comfort and style amidst ever-waxing prosperity. However, if your Ascendant is Aries or Scorpio, then as it will be the combined period of the 2nd-lord and the 12th-lord - although during this period you will have excellent earnings - you may also have to meet with heavy expenditures - which might in a single sweep wipe away the accrued influx of wealth. If your circumstances command so, then it appears that during this period you may have an auspicious celebration in your family. But if your Ascendant is either Leo or Pisces, then as it will be a combined period of the 3rd-lord and 8th-lord - you may become vulnerable to suffer from some serious health-complications.



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When Will I Get Married? [Asked by Poonam Setia]
Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth Asked by Poonam Setia
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