I am trying for Canada PR, will it be  successful this year? [Asked by Barun Poudel]

Name/Nike Name : Barun Poudel Gender : MALE Birth Date : Hidden (as per customer's advice)  Age : 40 years (complete...

Foreign Settlement Horoscope
Name/Nike Name: Barun Poudel
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: Hidden (as per customer's advice) 
Age: 40 years (completed)
Country: Nepal
City, Region: Hidden (as per customer's advice)
I am trying for Canada PR, will it be  successful this year? 
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru

Dear customer,

While analyzing planet position and natal chart, it can be seen that, you have some planetary support from Rahu till the month of October of 2021 regarding long-trip or Journey which does indicate that you have some chances of getting PR within that time periods. If Rahu is not malefic, it is taken as supportive planet of foreign career and travel in Vedic astrology. You have good effect from Rahu during that time. But, some efforts from your part is very important. In case you miss that chance, there remain another highest chances for you to get abroad visa between the month of October 2020 to September of 2023 during Jupitor Dasha periods. Jupitor of 10th house is regard as career planet. You shall be able to settle your career inside or outside your country during that time with good name and fame.

However, looking at the Sun's position in your chart during the month of January 2020, you applied for Visa, transit is crossing over the 2nd from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit and due to this you seem to have got cheated by consultancy or visa agent in the terms of finance.

The Sun in transit is crossing over the 11th from your Moon-sign in this month. This is a highly favourable transit and your status in the circle of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will increase. You are likely to receive direct benefits and indirect favours from your friends in high places. You may secure a more responsible position and your earnings might receive a boost. You will remain free from diseases and enjoy good health. This transit is favourable for your maternal relations as well.

We've prepared extra in-depth chart report for you being basis on the information you provided us.

General Characteristics:

Your Ascendant falls in sign Pisces. This sign has been classified as a watery, double-bodied or bi-corporeal sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is feminine and fruitful by nature.

For being born in this Ascendant, you will be quick in understanding, have a versatile nature, and will be endowed with good judgment. You are likely to be loquacious, passionate, and changeful by nature - although you may be secretive in many things, and may even tend to live a double life. You may be grossly interested in the study of the occult subjects, and also in all sorts of mysteries. In spite of being endowed with a thoughtful disposition, you may have a dualistic nature, and may even appear to be somewhat indolent. You will be peace loving and harmonious and thus always try to avoid confrontation. You will be fond of good and tasty food, fashionable clothes and jewellery.

You will be intellectual, candid and amicable. Your financial condition will be very sound. You may be in the habit of contradicting yourself at times, because of which people around you may become somewhat confused, and may even fail to understand you properly. You will be of a benevolent, merciful and compassionate nature. You may have a sensitive nature with pronounced psychic qualities, which may help you to become a good medium. You will be very much fond of traveling. You may have interest in history.

Physical Appearance:

You are likely to have a relatively short stature - with full-fleshed plump physical structure, phlegmatic constitution, pale complexion, and fish-like big round dreamy eyes. Your arms and feet might be comparatively small in size.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Scorpio - which is ruled by Mars, and symbolized by a poisonous insect ready to sting! It is a fixed, negative, and watery sign; the Moon becomes debilitated here. You will be a highly energetic person with a forceful nature - having indomitable courage, and gifted with much endurance. You will be endowed with a high ambition and strong spirit of conquest. In strife, you will be dauntless and implacable, having absolutely no regard to the danger of defeat or facing reversal. You will be replete with leadership qualities and masterful manners. You will be in fortunate and comfortable circumstances, and may secure a commanding position, and you are likely to have many devoted and faithful employees or followers.

If Moon exerts malefic influence, then you may become proud and haughty, and acquire a tyrannical disposition, and may even resort to extremely cruel means for achieving your objectives. But, If Moon exerts benefic influence instead; it will make your mind fruitful - as your passions will turn devotional. You can look forward to attaining a higher spiritual level by judicious utilization of your superior qualities. However, your passion could be very volatile and strong as well - if it is not bridled in time, then it may even lead to dire consequences or even total disaster - as there are chances that you may become very impulsive, and get entangled into strange love-affairs.

The Moon in Scorpio will impart in you a self-reliant attitude and determined nature. You will be able to defend your interests independently. You will be very unassuming, plain spoken, and sometimes can abruptly frown for cutting a long story short. For being conservative by nature and averse to forced changes, you may at times refuse to mend your ways or change your views; for this, some people may brand you as obstinate.

If anyone ever antagonizes you, you may become extremely angry, refuse to forgive, and develop an avenging attitude in mad fury. If a natural benefic planet is situated with the Moon or aspects it, then your marriage will be fruitful and happy; but if natural malefic planet influences instead, then your married life may not be very harmonious, and you may become unhappy owing to-, or on account of-, one of your children - probably the first-born. You may have gross interest in the occult and mystic subjects; and in the event of premature demise of a close family relation at a fairly early age-period, you might be drawn to religion.


You will be a pious and God fearing person. Your sympathetic nature will encourage you to help the distressed people. You will be content and happy. You will be an intelligent and learned person.

Negative Traits:

You may be self-centered and cunning and not be reliable. You may lack self confidence. You may be spendthrift.

Special Characteristics:

  1. You will be spiritual and pious and take keen interest in religious and charitable deeds.
  2. You will try to solve your problems through divine grace and help.
  3. Your bodily resistant power will be excellent and thus you will be able to recover from severe diseases very soon.
  4. You may gain your fortune at the places situated on the bank of watery bodies like sea, river.

Suitable Profession:

You may gain from the jobs related to art, photography, cinema, music, cosmetic, perfumes, luxury items, hotels, hospital, and prisons. You can earn from import - export business, irrigation, water supply, soft drinks, skiing, ship building, and dam construction.

Benefic and malefic Planets:

  1. Moon, lord of the 5th and 9th house, is benefic.
  2. Sun, Mercury and Venus are malefics.
  3. Saturn, lord of the 11th house, and Mercury, lord of the 7th house, are markesh.
  4. Jupiter is neutral.

      Yogas Prediction

      Important Yogas Applicable in Kundali(Chart) :

      In your horoscope, a particular planet is situated alone in a sign, four planets are situated anywhere in its preceding six signs, while the remaining four planets are situated anywhere in its succeeding six signs. This constitutes a very favorable combination, termed as Anivahuppu Yoga. By virtue of presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be a person of distinguished caliber, and is sure to rise to a commanding position. You will receive active support from the superiors/ authorities on one hand, while on the other hand you will have a large number of devoted followers. (However, if the lone planet causing Anivahuppu Yoga becomes afflicted by receiving aspect of more than one natural malefic planets, the strength of this yoga will become consequently reduced; in such case, instead of a commander or managing director, you may then be reduced to a mere captain or an ordinary supervisor).

      In your horoscope, the 12th-lord is situated in any house other than the 6th, the 8th, and the 12th; the sign-lord (or the sign-lord) of the 12th-lord is situated in the 12th-house. This unfavorable parivartana-yoga combination is termed as Dainya Yoga. If some other modifying influences are present in your horoscope, you may not be very intelligent, or even your mind may not be very stable. You may tend to speak ill of others, and hurt their feelings; you may also take part in some unworthy deeds - for which some people may condemn you, and/ or become inimically disposed to you. You should try your level best to mend your ways; otherwise your enemies may try to punish you.

      In your horoscope, the 4th-lord is debilitated, or situated in an enemy's sign, or is associated with a natural malefic planet, or occupies an evil shashtiamsha. This combination is quite unfavorable, termed as Bandhubhistyakta Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then owing to the presence of this combination, you might be deserted by your relatives and friends sometime during your life - even if it is for a little or no real fault of your own.

      In your horoscope, the Ascendant-lord is conjoined together with a natural malefic planet, and any natural benefic planet is neither associated with it nor aspects it; besides, no natural benefic planet situated in- or aspects- the Ascendant. The overall combination is rather unfavorable, termed as Deha-Kashta Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are present in your horoscope, then you may not be financially well-off, and/ or circumstantially may lack physical comforts and pleasures.

      In your horoscope, the 5th-lord is not strong - for not being in exaltation, or in own-sign, or in own-nakshatra. Besides, it is situated in an angular (kendra) or a trinal (trikona) house. This typical combination is termed as Eka-Putra Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then you might be blessed with a single child only - which is very much likely to be a son.

      In your horoscope, the 4th-lord is situated in the 12th-house, and is aspected by a natural malefic planet. This unfavorable combination is termed as Griha-Nasha Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then you may lose your house/ property, or for some reason you may have to leave behind your house/ property for the purpose of going to- and staying in- a distant inland place or even a foreign country.

      In your horoscope, the natural significator for marriage (Venus) is not retrograde, or combust or eclipsed. Besides, it is conjoined with- or aspected by- the best of natural benefic planets (Jupiter). This is a favorable combination, termed as SatKalatra Yoga. By virtue of the presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be really very fortunate in respect of having a spouse - who will hail from a noble family, and be an embodiment of virtues and qualities.

      In your horoscope, the Ascendant-lord is conjoined with Rahu. Besides, none of these two planets is in exaltation or in own-sign or in own-nakshatra. This is a quite unfavorable configuration, termed as Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then you may have a pecuiliar kind of suspicion in your mind that any around you may deceive, or cheat, or rob you anytime.

      Applicable Arishta Yogas in Kundali(Chart) :

      There is a single planet in your 2nd house and another single planet in your 9th house in your horoscope. This is an unfavorable combination - termed as Arishta Yoga. You may become unhappy on account of or owing to some of your family-members - whose health and well-being might become a cause of some concern. As the planet situated in 9th is neither exalted nor situated in own house, the problem might be of quite serious sort.

      Applicable Chandra Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

      You have favorable Gaja-Keshari Yoga combination present in your horoscope. You have been born in a fairly well to do family, will have a good upbringing, receive favors and benefits from your superiors, rise to a fairly stable position, and your fortune will be gradually waxing.

      Applicable Nabhasha Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

      A Nabhasha Yoga combination known as Paasha Yoga is present in your horoscope. This is not a very favorable combination, and during some period in your life, you may have to struggle against adversities and impediments. You may remain in service of others in humble capacities earning modest remuneration and without being treated with due respect. Although you may be skilful in work, you may have a somewhat spiteful disposition; at times you may forget your manners, and lose the sense of propriety. You might be bound to stay in a place against your will under circumstantial compulsion.

      Applicable Dhana Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

      As your 11th house coincides with a earthy sign, you may have good gains in or from the places situated in the southern direction from your native/ birth place.

      Applicable Vitta Hani Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

      In your horoscope, the 4th-lord is associated with the 2nd-lord (or aspects it) - whereas both of the two lords bear some affliction due to association with (or aspect of) the malefic planet/s. You might be unfortunate in respect of your mother and you may not receive much of benefits from her. You may not be fortunate in your birth/ native place, and might be forced to seek your lot elsewhere.

      As Mercury is situated in the 12th house in your horoscope while it is not a 'trika'-house lord, you should take precautionary measures; otherwise, you may waste your wealth on useless litigations with your relatives, friends and/ or benefactors.

      In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord (= Dhana) is situated in the 6th-house together with a malefic planet. This is an unfavorable Vitta-Hani Yoga combination, and you should remain very careful. You may face confiscations and suffer losses owing to wrath of some punitive government authorities.

      In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord is situated in an unfavorable trika-house. This is an unfavorable Vitta-Hani Yoga combination, and you should remain very careful. You may face confiscations and suffer losses owing to wrath of some punitive government authorities.

      In your horoscope, the Navamsha-lord of the 2nd-lord is conjoined with a malefic planet is situated in a trika-house - while the Ascendant-lord aspects it. This is an unfavorable combination, and you may suffer losses through theft or fire; alternately or in addition, you may face confiscations and suffer big losses through the wrath of some punitive government authorities.

      Applicable Vitta Hani Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

      As in your horoscope a dire malefic planet is situated in your 8th house - which is not influenced by a benefic planet, although you will be fairly well-off, you should remain very careful and cautious, and not take too many chances unnecessarily; you may have to face an untoward happening of serious sort; it is also appears possible that you may inflict grievous injuries to some other person/s - for which you might be hauled up and even be punished.

      Astro Constants Predictions

      Results of Birth in Soura 'Ayan':

      You have been born in Sun's Uttarayana (or Soumyayana). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a liberal minded person endowed with generous instincts and have a high morale. You will always be engaged in doing virtuous deeds, and your conduct will be righteous. You will become known for possessing qualities like endurance, patience, and perseverance. You will enjoy a long life amidst ever waxing prosperity, and your domestic life will be peaceful and happy. However, if Sun is under Papa-Kartari Yoga, or has natural malefic planets in the next 'occupied' sign, or in the 8th from Sun's place, then you might become hard-hearted - as a result of suffering from various causes for a long duration.

      Results of Birth in 'Ritu'(Seasons):

      You have been born in Shishira Ritu (or Winter Season). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will possess good health, sound physique, stout figure, and a strong mind. You will have attractive features and handsome looks, but may also be endowed with a quick-to-anger disposition - more so when your interests are at stake. You will have good appetite, and be fond of partaking sweet foods. You will be a person of virtuous disposition, and always engaged in doing righteous deeds. You will love your spouse and children very dearly, and they will become a source of pride and joy to you forever.

      Results of Birth in 'Masa'(Month):

      (12)You have been born in Phalguna Masa (February/ March). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are very favorable. Although your physical structure may appear to be somewhat delicate, you will still be endowed with strength, and possess good resistance to disease. You will be a kind-hearted person, generous to friends, and beneficially disposed towards others. Besides, you will possess sharp intelligence that will help you to device ways for having your objectives fulfilled. However, on the flip side, you may tend to talk uselessly or without any purpose, and acquire the tendency to be playful with some attractive members of the opposite gender. These drawbacks might become pronounced if you have been born in Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight).

      Results of Birth in 'Paksha':

      You have been born in Krishna Paksha. If some modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then the indications are not favorable. Your constitution might be somewhat weak, and you might be susceptible to suffer from disease. You may be endowed with restless nature and inconstant disposition. You might be branded as a mischievous- and/ or quarrelsome- person. By nature you might be quite sentimental; without viewing things in their proper perspective, you may tend to exaggerate trifles. Besides, you may have a lustful nature and remain subservient to your spouse.

      As Saturn is conjoined with the Moon in your chart (or aspects it), you will be a person of thoughtful disposition and often remain in a pensive mood. You may be an embodiment of patience and perseverance, and excel in such a field where great concentration is an essential requisite. You may work for a good cause, and have to bear heavy responsibility. Some happenings in your personal life might keep you in a distressed state, fill your mind with a great void, and impart a dispassionate outlook in you.

      As Mars is conjoined with the Moon in your chart (or aspects it), you will possess a heavy muscular body and a quick-to-anger disposition. Although normally you will remain mirthful, you will tend to become inflamed suddenly if you feel offended or your interests are at stake. You may suffer from some disease in connection with blood or blood pressure. You are likely to remain engrossed in mundane affairs and material acquisitions. In connection with property-matters, you may get into some disputes - which might even lead to lawsuit.

      Result of Birth in Weekday

      You have been born on a Saturday. As the lord of the weekday, Saturn acquires special importance in your chart; its results - according to its occupied house-position - will become more important. Other indications in general are not very favorable. If Saturn is well placed in your chart, then you will be a strict disciplinarian and hard taskmaster; otherwise, you may have to struggle against adversities and impediments for long, and work very hard for earning a living. Your rank may be low, and earnings meager. Inordinate delays and gross disappointments may make you feel very frustrated, and gradually you may acquire a pessimistic outlook, mistrustful nature, and indolent disposition.

      Results of Birth in Day or Night :

      You have been born during daytime. The indications are favorable. You will be active, energetic, intelligent, and brilliant. You will inherit the good qualities of your father, possess fine expressive eyes, and have an ever-optimistic nature. You will become known for your meritorious deeds. Your earnings will be good, and you will befriend many persons from the higher walks of life. For your virtues and qualities, people in general will treat you with respect.

      Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga :

      As per Surya-siddhanta, you have been born in Harshana yoga. This yoga belongs to favorable category. By virtue of being born under this yoga, you will be fortunate in many respects. As the name implies, you will have an aura of auspiciousness, and always remain in a joyous mood. Your religious inclination will be profound; you will listen to evangelistic discourses, regularly observe the traditional rites, and study the sacred ancient scriptures with great interest and delight.

      Results of Birth in Tithi :

      You have been born on 'Shashthi' (or the 6th) tithi. If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results will be more favorable. You may have a dogmatic nature and determined disposition; you will be courageous and valorous, and always remain oblivious to the risk or danger involved. Although you will have good resistance to disease, you might be susceptible to receive minor injuries. Among your relatives and friends, some person - particularly a married female - might be unfavorably disposed towards you, and try to bite you behind the back; in this respect you should remain alert. You will be fairly wealthy, have many friends, and your married life will be joyous and happy.

      Results of Birth in Karana :

      You have been born in 'Vanija' Karana. It is the sixth Karana of the 'Chara' category. You will be a very intelligent and cultured person with refined taste, cheerful disposition, amiable behavior, and pleasing manners. You will understand human nature very well, and acquire knowledge and information from various sources - which would find utilization in your sphere of profession in a very effective manner. You will be learned, wise, clever, tactful, and farsighted; you will possess an uncanny ability to deal with people in general very adroitly in a deft manner. You will earn a fortune from trade, amass a lot of wealth, and lead your life in comfort and style with your spouse and children.

      Results of birth in Nakshatra :

      In your horoscope, Moon is situated in Vishakha Nakshatra. By virtue of being born in this nakshatra, you will be fortunate in many respects. You will be a religious minded person of sweet nature and mild disposition. You will be highly intelligent, well education, cultured, and refined in taste. Study of sacred ancient classics and intellectual investigation will attract you greatly. You will endowed with a developed sense of probity and justice, and gain popularity for your liberal outlook and balanced point of view. You will always be in favor of enhancing co-ordination and harmony, and achieve your objectives by insisting on the importance of compromise and value of co-operation. You are likely to become a chemist; for your mastery in writing, you might be an author of repute. Thank you.



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      WWW.YODHA.COM.NP - Free Personalised Horoscope & Chart Reading Service: I am trying for Canada PR, will it be  successful this year? [Asked by Barun Poudel]
      I am trying for Canada PR, will it be  successful this year? [Asked by Barun Poudel]
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