How long will I stay in abroad? Any chance of permanent settlement in abroad? [Asked by Shweta]

Female Name/Nick Name : Shweta Gender : FEMALE Birth Date : 28 January 1982, 5:00 PM Age : 38 years (completed) Country :...

Name/Nick Name: Shweta
Gender: FEMALE
Birth Date: 28 January 1982, 5:00 PM
Age: 38 years (completed)
Country: India
City, Region: Garhshankar, Punjab
How long will I stay in abroad? Any chance of permanent settlement in abroad? 
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru

Dear Shweta,

The Sun in transit is crossing over the 10th from your Moon-sign during this time. This is a highly favourable transit, and you can hope for the best and look forward to reaching a new high. Your credibility, honour, name-and-fame will all be increased and you may obtain a preferment in position. You might be entrusted with a new assignment involving greater responsibility, which you will be able to carry on with considerable success. This transit is favourable for the health and well-being of your children, who might make you feel proud by dint of their special accomplishments.

According to Vedic Astrology 3th, 4rth, 7th, 8th, 9th or 12th houses of every horoscope represent foreign travel and settlement. Looking at your chart, it can be seen that - 10th house is few supportive and  but 7th house is neutral which is indication that there is lower chances of foreign settlement. It is very important to do extra effort from your end to achieve your goal in the case of settlement. You have prospects of foreign settlement within the month of January of 2022 under the blessing of Moon in your chart (Antar Dasha). Moreover, the chances for your foreign settlement or career still have chances within the month of July of 2030. The countries that are located to North or North East from your native country or current vicinity will be fruitful for you. If you have faith on spritual believe, it is advisable for you to wear Ruraksha or gems for you. As you had been born in Chaturthi Tithi, 4-faced Rudraksha is being recommended for you.

The presiding deity of this Rudraksha is Brahma. To the wearer, it confers creativity and ensures long life. Moreover, it will be also helpful for reducing fearful planetary effect. While wearing the Rudraksha, you should chant any of the following Mantras:

Mantra For Rudraksha:

'Om Hrim Namah.'

Panchakshari Mantra For Rudraksha:

'Om Vam Kam Tham Ham'

Alternate recommendation for Rudraksha:

Since your Moon's nakshatra-lord is Jupiter, 5-faced or 13-faced Rudraksha will also be suitable for you.

We've prepared more in-depth horoscope update for you being basis on the information that you provided us in following points:

General Characteristics:

Your Ascendant falls in the Cancer sign. This sign has been classified as a watery, cardinal (movable or acute), mute and tropical. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is feminine, fruitful, and emotional by nature.

For being born in this Ascendant, you will basically be a romantic person with a fertile imagination - having a changeful nature and roving disposition. You are likely to be phlegmatic and very sensitive. Your thoughts will be very original and you will be attentive. You will be easy on the pocket and spend money in a very prudent way. Although you might be somewhat lethargic, still, you will be able to create lasting impressions. Your grasping power will be excellent.

You will be a prudent and a determined person, will have a loving and giving nature and will be sympathetic towards others. You will be helpful and trustworthy. You will be truthful and will love justice. You will be endowed with the quality of perseverance. You will enjoy wealth and comforts of life. You will be keen on your friends. You will do your work in a systematic way. You will be a good listener and will be able to solve every problem without difficulty. You will be a pure hearted person. In regards to your profession, you may have to remain in close contact with the common people.

You will be ambitious, and may have an intense aspiration for public life. You will be very much fond of your family-members and will do your best for keeping your home peaceful and happy. In your family life, you might be somewhat possessive, yet very responsible and caring. You are likely to value other people's opinions - and for this quality, your popularity in your circle will be ever waxing. People will treat you with due respect, and consider you as to be one of their very own. You will be able to read the face of other person and can predict their behavior and intention easily. You will not deviate from the ups and downs of life and will face the adverse conditions boldly. Sports related with water like, swimming will attract you more.

Physical Appearance: your complexion may be pinkish. You are likely to be of a relatively short height - with a sort of top heavy, rounded physical structure. You may have a fleshy body with a broad forehead, and a full face with pendulous cheeks. Your hands and feet are likely to be of a comparatively small in size. You may walk fast.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Aquarius; it is a positive, fixed, and airy sign - which is ruled by Saturn, and symbolized by the figure of a matured human being emptying a water-pot. Persons born with the Moon in this sign generally become well known by their profound nature and strength of character. Your specific characteristics will be a penetrating mind, great depth of thought, power of assimilation, and an extreme patience. Depending on the modifying influences of the other planets on the Moon, a few distinct variations are quite possible. At one extreme, it may make you a person of melancholic temperament, fond of solitude and nocturnal work. Yet, you will still be endowed with philosophic outlook, and remain engaged in useful pursuits - which may be scientific or technological, or otherwise highly technical.

You may be somewhat slow, but you will be sure; you are very much likely to come up with something new and novel - for which your name and fame will be widespread. You will attach value and importance to peace and tranquility, and seek the company of learned, wise and pious people. While on the other extreme, you might be endowed with a bright, cheerful nature - possessing humane disposition and artistic inclinations. You will be of sober and placid temperament - fully devoid of unruly passions; but you will consider it to be a moral duty and responsibility to attend some important meetings and conferences. Study of the subjects like physical sciences, engineering, technology, agriculture, and decorative arts might attract you grossly. You are likely to be a maker of your own fortune, and find it in quite distant inland places and even in foreign countries.

You will also be greatly attracted to subjects, which are essentially uncommon, yet original and novel. For your deep interest in occult and mystic subjects like Astrology, palmistry, numerology, interpretation of dreams, etc you will become a center of attraction wherever you will remain; yet there will always be some people, who might consider your inclination as bias, and brand you as an eccentric. But people in general will know you as a real worthy person having broadness of mind, optimistic nature, philosophic outlook, wide sympathies and philanthropic inclination.

Rather than considering yourself as a mere person born in- or belonging to- a family, having limited interests and concerns, you will view your life to be a kind of mission, and count your success on the basis of being able to fulfill the purpose of living - by doing good to others. You are likely to devote your life for a cause - for which you may actively work for a charitable institution or a humanitarian organization.

Your Qualities:

You will be affectionate and ready to always lend your hand. You will help others in a very different way. You will be intelligent, hardworking and self confident. You will be endowed with unique power of intuition. You will have inquisitiveness to learn new things. You will prove a very good host.

Negative Traits:

Any sort of imaginary fear and your oversensitive nature may disturb your peace of mind. At times, you may be depressed and loose your self confidence.

Special Characteristics:

  1. You will be able to leave a lasting impression on others through your personality, acts and achievements.
  2. You will be dutiful and caring person.
  3. You will be pure at your heart and always think about the welfare of society.

Suitable Profession:

You can be successful in the business of pearl, jewellary, musical instrument, handicrafts, milk and milk products, liquid, chemical and textile. You can earn money through weapons, explosive, fast food or business of readymade garments. Navy, dancing, music, acrobatic, acting can be favourable field for you. You can become a hotelier, an antique dealer, a nurse, a sailor or a caterer.

Benefic and malefic Planets:

  1. Mars, lord of the 5th and 10th house, is most benefic and yogkark.
  2. Sun is neutral.
  3. Moon, lord of the 1st house and Jupiter, lord of the 9th house are benefics.
  4. Venus and Mercury are malefic.
  5. Saturn is most malefic.

Planetary Combination (Yoga) Prediction

Important Yogas Applicable in Kundali(Chart) :

In your horoscope, the sign-lord of the Ascendant-lord is also situated in a favorable house - although, the Ascendant-lord is not situated in a favorable house. This overall combination is highly favorable, as it goes by the term Safala-Kama Yoga. Although you may not be very fortunate ever since birth, and have to spend the early years of your working life in a fairly humble capacity, in the long run the things will change for the better; you will be successful in all your endeavors, and have much of advancement. You are destined to proceed far by leaving all your contemporaries behind. All your ambitions will be realized, and all your cherished desires will be fulfilled.

In your horoscope, natural benefic planets are situated in the angular (kendra) houses - i.e., in the Ascendant-, the 7th- and the 10th- houses. This overall combination is highly auspicious - and is termed as Parvata Yoga (as per the Yavanas). By virtue of the presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be very fortunate, learned in ancient religious scriptures and sacred classics, gifted with eloquence, and of charitable disposition. Besides, you will be splendorous, mirthful, a very important and highly respected person in the city/ town/ village/ society.

In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is situated in any of the following houses: the Ascendant, the 2nd, the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 9th, the 10th, or the 11th; the sign-lord (or the sign-lord) of the 3rd-lord is situated in the 3rd-house. This not-so-favorable parivartana-yoga combination is termed as Khala Yoga. If some other modifying influences are present in your horoscope, you may not be very honest or sincere - for which people may not like you. At times, you may be very gentle and polite; while at some other times, you may appear to be quite aggressive or haughty. You may experience change of conditions and wide fluctuations quite a number of times in your life.

In your horoscope, the 4th-lord is debilitated, or situated in an enemy's sign, or is associated with a natural malefic planet, or occupies an evil shashtiamsha. This combination is quite unfavorable, termed as Bandhubhistyakta Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then owing to the presence of this combination, you might be deserted by your relatives and friends sometime during your life - even if it is for a little or no real fault of your own.

In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord is conjoined with the 4th-lord or is aspected by it, while none of these two planets are combust or eclipsed. This is a favorable combination, known as Matri-Moolat Dhana Yoga. Owing to the presence of this combination, you will have financial gains from your mother.

In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is situated in the Navamsha-sign of a natural benefic planet, and Mars is situated in the sign of a natural benefic planet. Besides, the 3rd-lord is conjoined with or aspected by a natural benefic planet. This overall combination is favorable, termed as Parakrama Yoga. By virtue of having this yoga present in your horoscope, you will be endowed with courage, determination, and strength of will.

In your horoscope, Sun is conjoined with Venus, and the two planets are situated in the 5th- or the 7th- or 9th- house. Besides, none of these two planets is in exaltation or in own-sign or in own-nakshatra. This is not a very favorable combination, termed as Vikalanga Dara Yoga. If some strong modifying influence is not present in your horoscope, then your spouse may have or acquire some sort of physical deformity or handicap.

In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is exalted, and is situated in a movable (chara) sign or Navamsha; besides, it is associated with one or more natural malefic planet/s - while no natural benefic planet is conjoined with it or aspects it. The overall combination is not very favorable, termed as Poorva Dridhachitta Yoga. If some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then you may have the habit of pretending to be very courageous before the commencement of a challenging task; but, when when you will face the real situation, you may become perplexed, apprehend fear and feel very helpless.

In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord is conjoined with a natural benefic planet, and it is situated in an angular (kendra) or trinal (trikona) position. This overall combination is very favorable, termed as Yukti-Samanwita Vagmi Yoga. You will be endowed with the gift of eloquence and will become well known for your irrefutable logic and oratory skills. You are very much likely to shine in assemblies and win laurels.

Applicable Chandra Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As a planet (excepting Sun) is present in the 12th from the position of Moon, it gives rise to a planetary combination known as Anapha Yoga. Owing to the presence of this combination, you will remain free from diseases and will be fortunate in many respects. You will have a charming disposition, be endowed with virtues, and be fairly popular and well-known in society.

Applicable Nabhasha Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

A Nabhasha Yoga combination known as Kedara Yoga is present in your horoscope. Although this is not a very auspicious combination, yet you may be fortunate in certain respects. Although you will be truthful, and always mind your own business only, you might be quite fickle-minded lacking in understanding. Although you may be a simple person with open mind, you may still appear to be somewhat talkative and obstinate. Your profession may have some connection with agriculture, agricultural produce or implements, etc. However, you will have good earnings, and always be helpful to others.

Applicable Dhana Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As in your horoscope, the Ascendant-lord conjoined with Jupiter - which is occupying a favorable position, an auspicious Dhana Yoga has been formed. You will be fortunate in respect of money-matters, have excellent earnings, and surely become very rich.

In your horoscope, the three key-planets - the 2nd-lord (= Dhana), the 9th-lord (= Bhagya) and the 11th-lord (= Labha) - are occupying only the angular houses (or kendras), you will be a very wealthy person. You will be rolling in wealth, your material possessions will increase further; you will enjoy all paraphernalia of life in comfort and style, and lead your life almost like a movie-star.

As your 11th house coincides with a earthy sign, you may have good gains in or from the places situated in the southern direction from your native/ birth place.

In your horoscope, the 2nd-lord (= Dhana) and the 11th-lord (= Labha) are situated in angular house/s (kendra). You will be a very active person, and earn a fabulous amount of wealth by running brisk business houses. After achieving success in one business, you may diversify to another related yet different field; therein also you will be highly successful.

Astro Constant Prediction

Results of Birth in Soura 'Ayan':

You have been born in Sun's Uttarayana (or Soumyayana). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a liberal minded person endowed with generous instincts and have a high morale. You will always be engaged in doing virtuous deeds, and your conduct will be righteous. You will become known for possessing qualities like endurance, patience, and perseverance. You will enjoy a long life amidst ever waxing prosperity, and your domestic life will be peaceful and happy. However, if Sun is under Papa-Kartari Yoga, or has natural malefic planets in the next 'occupied' sign, or in the 8th from Sun's place, then you might become hard-hearted - as a result of suffering from various causes for a long duration.

Results of Birth in 'Ritu'(Seasons):

You have been born in Shishira Ritu (or Winter Season). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will possess good health, sound physique, stout figure, and a strong mind. You will have attractive features and handsome looks, but may also be endowed with a quick-to-anger disposition - more so when your interests are at stake. You will have good appetite, and be fond of partaking sweet foods. You will be a person of virtuous disposition, and always engaged in doing righteous deeds. You will love your spouse and children very dearly, and they will become a source of pride and joy to you forever.

Results of Birth in 'Masa'(Month):

(10)You have been born in Pousha Masa (December/ January). If some modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then the indications are not very favorable. Although you will be endowed with attractive features and beautiful/ handsome looks, you might be endowed with a weak constitution - if you have been born in Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight). You may not receive financial assistance from your parents; yet you may become a reckless spendthrift. In addition, you might be secretive by nature, and keep your thoughts and decisions to yourself - for which reason you might be able to deliver shocking blows to your adversaries. On the bright side, you will be religious-minded, fond of studying sacred classics, and treat learned persons and pious people with due respect.

Results of Birth in 'Paksha':

You have been born in Shukla Paksha. If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a person of amiable disposition and optimistic nature, and possess broadness of mind and a good moral character as well. With your clarity of thought and expression, you will be able to impress your contemporaries. You will be blessed with good longevity, and enjoy a peaceful and happy family life with your spouse and children. Your state of health may appear to be a bit delicate, but you will have strong resistance to disease.

As the great benefic planet Jupiter is conjoined with the Moon in your chart (or aspects it), you will possess mental composure and evenness of temper. You will be an open-minded person with frank nature, optimistic outlook, and philanthropic disposition. Financially you will be fairly well off, and the circle of your friends and acquaintances will be quite large. You will always be in a position to decide for yourself, and the people in your circle may seek your valuable opinion or advice on some important matters that concern them.

Result of Birth in Weekday

You have been born on a Thursday. As the lord of the weekday, Jupiter acquires special importance in your chart; its results - according to its occupied house-position - will become more important. Other indications in general are favorable. You will be a learned person, and your religious inclination will be profound. You will have great reverence for the elders, teachers, and pious people. For being an embodiment of desired qualities and virtues as well, people in general will treat you with great respect. With your wisdom, power of discrimination, and impressive appearance, you will shine forth as an adviser or consultant, and amass a lot of wealth.

Results of Birth in Day or Night :

You have been born during daytime. The indications are favorable. You will be active, energetic, intelligent, and brilliant. You will inherit the good qualities of your father, possess fine expressive eyes, and have an ever-optimistic nature. You will become known for your meritorious deeds. Your earnings will be good, and you will befriend many persons from the higher walks of life. For your virtues and qualities, people in general will treat you with respect.

Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga :

As per Surya-siddhanta, you have been born in Parigha yoga. This yoga belongs to the unfavorable category. For being born under this yoga, you might be tempted to do some wicked deeds, and suffer in consequence. You may not be very intelligent, yet might be extremely clever. You will be skilful in your work; but for your habit of blowing own trumpet, people may have doubts about your capacity. You may give false witness, and vanquish your enemies by underhand actions.

Results of Birth in Tithi :

You have been born on 'Chaturthi' (or the 4th) tithi. If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results will be favorable; you will be very bold and courageous, dexterous in disputes/ conflicts/ battles, and possess oratorical skills. You may shine forth as a speaker or a plaintiff, and earn a fortune. However, if a natural malefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results could be just the obverse. You might become an incorrigible spendthrift; as your expenses will always tend to exceed your income, you might remain under debt. If you resort to any addictive habit or gambling, your 'good old days' would be a memory of the past.

Results of Birth in Karana :

You have been born in 'Vanija' Karana. It is the sixth Karana of the 'Chara' category. You will be a very intelligent and cultured person with refined taste, cheerful disposition, amiable behavior, and pleasing manners. You will understand human nature very well, and acquire knowledge and information from various sources - which would find utilization in your sphere of profession in a very effective manner. You will be learned, wise, clever, tactful, and farsighted; you will possess an uncanny ability to deal with people in general very adroitly in a deft manner. You will earn a fortune from trade, amass a lot of wealth, and lead your life in comfort and style with your spouse and children.

Results of birth in Nakshatra :

In your chart, Moon is situated in Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra. For being born in this nakshatra, you will be fortunate in many respects. You will be a sensible person with passions under control. You will be skilful in your work, and have a developed sense of propriety and responsibility. With your sense of pride and self-respect, you will peacefully follow a principled life; you will be devout and religious, and have firm faith in religion and God. For your superior qualitative worth, people from all walks of life will treat you with respect. You may excel as a preacher, teacher, author, adviser, investigator, etc; or you may have connection with income tax, finance, foreign trade, etc. Thank you.



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WWW.YODHA.COM.NP - Free Personalised Horoscope & Chart Reading Service: How long will I stay in abroad? Any chance of permanent settlement in abroad? [Asked by Shweta]
How long will I stay in abroad? Any chance of permanent settlement in abroad? [Asked by Shweta]
WWW.YODHA.COM.NP - Free Personalised Horoscope & Chart Reading Service
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