Tell me When Will I Get Married [Asked by Bikash Singhal]

Name/Nike Name : Bikash Singhal Gender : MALE Birth Date : 12 January 1992 AD 10:45 pm Age : 24 years Country : Nepal Cit...

Name/Nike Name: Bikash Singhal
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: 12 January 1992 AD 10:45 pm
Age: 24 years
Country: Nepal
City, Region: Birganj
Tell me When Will I Get Married. Also how will be my married life.
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru
Dear Bikash Singhal,
While analyzing your planet position and natal chart, it seems that you are likely to get married within the month of Agugust of 2020 as you have good blessing for the planet Venus. As per Vedic astrology theory, the planet that facilitates marriage is  Venus. In everyone's horoscope, the list of auspicious planets include Jupiter (Guru),  Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh) and Moon. However, some efforts on your part are very important as Venus is not present on 7th house in your horoscope. Similarly, this periods will be a very good and enjoyable period for you. It will be more so if at least one of these two planets is situated in the 4th-house, or if these two planets are conjoined together, or they are involved in mutual aspect with each other; then you will have a real joyful period - bright with happiness and brimming in satisfaction. Some of your long cherished desires will be fulfilled and a few of your ambitions will be realized. Your financial condition will improve considerably, and you will acquire some articles of comfort for enhancing your life-style. You may liberally spend for acquiring items of personal adornments, and also for interior decorations. You are likely to undertake a few journeys for pleasure and profit - probably in the direction of north or west or northwest. Your family members will remain in good health and high spirit; with their pursuits and special accomplishments, they will make you feel very happy. However, your spouse may suffer from some minor health-problems - for which you may feel quite concerned; however it will be for a brief period only. Your domestic life is likely to be blissful and very happy.

Personalised Horoscope

The Moon in transit is crossing over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This transit is highly favourable and you will have an enjoyable period for a couple of days. You will enjoy the company of relatives and friends, particularly of people who are married. You may undertake a journey to a short-distance place for pleasure and all your efforts will be fruitful. The dealings at your workplace will be smooth, and your home-life will be very joyful and happy.

Mars in transit is crossing over the 9th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit*; your state of health might be badly affected. Although your mother will remain in good health, the health and well-being of your father may cause you some concern. You may receive some unfavourable news from a distant place, or have a fruitless journey to such a place. If a natural malefic planet is also crossing over the same sign, then you may incur losses and suffer humiliation from unexpected sources.

Mercury in transit is crossing over the 12th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit, and you would do better to let the storm pass over by lying low and going slow. In respect of making any speculative investment, you must think more than twice beforehand. Owing to blockage of funds, you may find much of difficulties to fulfill your commitments. If other planets are also in unfavourable transit, then you may face a crucial situation, and may have to borrow from your friends for retaining your position intact.

Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 10th from your Moon-sign. This transit is not at all favourable; you should wake up from your dreams and come back to the real world. All on a sudden, you may realize that the good 'old' days appear to have been gone and your progress is being hindered by a series of obstacles; you may lose your credibility and honour, and the fear of losing your position might take you on the verge of total despair. The health of your children might also cause you some concern. However, if other planets are in favourable transit, then the situation will be modified for the better, and problems won't be too many.

Venus in transit is crossing over your Moon-sign. This transit is highly favourable; you will remain in high spirits and everything in your surroundings will appear to be very agreeable. You will remain in peace, live in comfort and style, and enjoy a good time in pleasant company. You may spend a good sum for eating and dining, and also for procuring some fashionable clothes and pretty adornments. You may derive special pleasure from a person of about your age, but belonging to the opposite gender.

Saturn in transit is crossing over the 11th from your Moon-sign. This is a highly favourable transit, and you will be fortunate in many respects. Your friends' circle will be widened and your popularity will be considerably increased. Your earnings will be swelling by leaps and bounds, as you will have gains from more than one sources. Your wealth accumulation and costly possessions will also increase. You will feel very happy and glad, and enjoy your life with utmost satisfaction. If other planets are also in favourable transit, then you be a recipient of public honour.
Rahu in transit is crossing over the 4th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit, and if some other planets in transit are also not in your favour, then you might be afflicted with sorrow, grief and pain. The health and well-being of either of your parents may cause you some concern, and one of your children also may not remain in good health. Your undertakings may also become sickly, and the proceeds from them may no longer be found to be satisfactory. However, if you are engaged in academic or intellectual pursuits, then you will have good progress and look forward to coming out successful in flying colours.
Ketu in transit is crossing over the 10th from your Moon-sign. This transit is highly favourable and it will bring you back to life again. Ketu will shower you with it's bounties, and bring in gains in abundance from whichever new territory you would try to explore. But success should not go to your head; rather than getting tempted to go for flying high in the sky, you should rather keep yourself firmly on the hard soil and proceed in a prudent manner. Your social prominence will increase, as you might be rubbing your shoulders with the more affluent people. You may also have the opportunity to occupy a honorary position in a prestigious institution.

General Characteristics:

Your Ascendant falls in sign Pisces. This sign has been classified as a watery, double-bodied or bi-corporeal sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is feminine and fruitful by nature.
For being born in this Ascendant, you will be quick in understanding, have a versatile nature, and will be endowed with good judgment. You are likely to be loquacious, passionate, and changeful by nature - although you may be secretive in many things, and may even tend to live a double life. You may be grossly interested in the study of the occult subjects, and also in all sorts of mysteries. In spite of being endowed with a thoughtful disposition, you may have a dualistic nature, and may even appear to be somewhat indolent. You will be peace loving and harmonious and thus always try to avoid confrontation. You will be fond of good and tasty food, fashionable clothes and jewellery.
You will be intellectual, candid and amicable. Your financial condition will be very sound. You may be in the habit of contradicting yourself at times, because of which people around you may become somewhat confused, and may even fail to understand you properly. You will be of a benevolent, merciful and compassionate nature. You may have a sensitive nature with pronounced psychic qualities, which may help you to become a good medium. You will be very much fond of traveling. You may have interest in history.

Physical Appearance:

You are likely to have a relatively short stature - with full-fleshed plump physical structure, phlegmatic constitution, pale complexion, and fish-like big round dreamy eyes. Your arms and feet might be comparatively small in size.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Pisces; it is the negative sign ruled by the benign planet Jupiter - which is symbolized by a pair of fishes in opposite postures tied together. It is a common and watery sign, having a characteristic dual nature. Basically, you may have a dreamy nature, and possess the unique tendency of mixing up reality with imagination. With your extreme changefulness and inconstancies, you may really deserve to be branded as queer. You may often appear to be timid, but all on a sudden may revert to being quite unyielding or obstinate - sometimes even audacious; for such tendencies, some people may not consider you to be very reliable or dependable either - for which you may lose some opportunities for advancement. At times you may be guided by fanatical enthusiasm - but you will soon be able to overcome it all by yourself.
You may have a highly passionate nature, and may have no regard at all for the possible consequences; but for this, you may face some troubles quite frequently, and lose sympathy or support of some of your friends and well wishing people. If you are engaged in some creative pursuit, then you will be fortunate to become successful in your endeavors. But if you are engaged in a rather common profession in a modest capacity, then you must curb all these unproductive tendencies, and come back to the real world - by placing your feet on the firm soil. This is for the simple reason that by pursuing fanciful risky projects, you can only render yourself vulnerable to meet with some sort of gross disappointment.
If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with the Moon or aspects it, you will follow a firm direction for putting in your efforts; obviously, you can then look forward to attaining a coveted position and success in all your endeavors. Dame fortune - with her sweet will - may decide as to when to favor you with her blessings of abundance and plenty; you are sure to rise to a dignified position by virtue of your merits and inherent qualities - at a fairly early age-period. But if a natural malefic planet influences the Moon instead, then you are likely to have a shocking disappointment in a love affair; alternately, one of your children may become afflicted with some congenital defect. Besides, you may tend to suffer from morbid tendencies, misplaced sympathies, and even fanatical enthusiasm. Some secretly inimical false friends may try to create a series of troubles for you, and you may even run the risk of losing your credibility, honor, rank or status.


You will be a pious and God fearing person. Your sympathetic nature will encourage you to help the distressed people. You will be content and happy. You will be an intelligent and learned person.

Negative Traits:

You may be self-centered and cunning and not be reliable. You may lack self confidence. You may be spendthrift.



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Tell me When Will I Get Married [Asked by Bikash Singhal]
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