Astrology of Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory

In Depth Analysis of Astrology in Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory.

Astrology in Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory
Astrology in Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory
Education of a person is seen from the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house. Why such houses? well, 2nd house shows early childhood studies and development stages, 4th house shows your emotional sensitivity towards learning and grasping the content. 5th house is the main house of education that show if you'll at least pass high school education and go on the get a Bachelor degree. 9th house in a horoscope shows the higher education the post grade or grad degree like Masters and PhD.
If there are malefic planets present in the 2nd house like Rahu, Saturn or Mars then early childhood education would have been impossible to achieve if not difficult while it gives a native a harsh tongue and anger problems. Having planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun and Jupiter or any of these four combination would make a person well versed in the Vedic or ancient scriptures, especially astrology. Malefic in the 4th house again makes it hard for a person to comprehend things while studying. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu gives very difficult time during high school. While planets like Sun and Jupiter gives lots of interest in spiritual and philosophical studies. If Venus and Mercury are placed in the 4th house while Sun and Saturn are placed in the 10th house then it gives interest in government and politics. Any planet in the 10th house aspects the 4th house, which greatly impacts the basic education of a person in terms of how easy or difficult it might be.
5th house of a person's horoscope is the most important. Lack of education usually occurs when planets like Saturn and Rahu are either sitting or aspecting the 5th house unless a positive planet like Jupiter, Mercury or Moon is sitting there. Having Venus in this house is not a good thing because it takes away the interest in education and gives more rise to having fun or wanting to be in the media industry, but Venus and Mercury togehter in the 5th house gives person lots of interest in astrology and Vedic scriptures. Any planet in the 11th house also impacts the 5th house since it directly aspects it, this mean a malefic planets aspecting the 5th house without any benefic aspect will make a person struggle a lot in education or gives late education.
Now, if you have your basic B.A. and you're trying to go for your masters or PhD, then you must look at the condition of 9th house, and see who's the lord of the 9th house, where is it sitting, who is sitting in the 9th house and what planet are aspecting the 9th house. If Rahu and Saturn are sitting in the 9th house or aspecting the 9th house without any benefice aspect on it then it will either block or delay the post grad education until after mid 30's. Ketu is also important, Ketu is a headless planet, which means it doesn't think, and having Ketu in the 5th & 9th house without the help of other planets will make a person have no interest in education but have more interest in research subject without formal schooling. Since 3rd house is directly opposite of the 9th house, any planet sitting there will also impact the higher education. If Saturn and Rahu are sitting in the 9th house but Jupiter is sitting in the 3rd house, will actually make a person pursue law field which is a post grad education. In a way Jupiter not only helps in archiving the higher education, but, having other planets there will change the course of study for the native.
Education however should not be judged unless ones looks at D-24 chart. It is a divisional chart in Vedic Astrology that deals with education of a person. In D-24 chart, you must study the 5th house condition, and you must study the lord of the 5th house from birth chart and see where it is place din D-24. But it's a must to have accurate time of birth to see the D-24 chart as it changes every 5 minutes. In conclusion, when it comes to education, the entire chart needs to be examined as each planet brings its own color into a person's educational field. The study subject of education is not that easy to determine by just anyone, it requires lots & lots of practice in the filed of Vedic Astrology to give a final answer. You also have to see if planets that promote education like Jupiter, Mercury and Sun are weak or strong in a horoscope or if any retrograde planet is sitting in such houses which delays the prosperity of such houses. Not to mention, any of the bad alignments can be beaten and over come by following the path of God and believing in one supreme power who controls these planets.
In this day & age, anyone and everyone is using computers, no matter where there planet Rahu is placed in since Rahu represent computers, but to have a career related to strictly making or developing of a computer, Rahu's placement in 3rd, 5th, 9th and 10th house should be prominent. A software programmer, software engineer, hardware engineer usually have Rahu, Mercury and Mars aspect or conjunction, or Ketu Mercury and Mars. 

  • Rahu = Computers & electronic.
  • Mercury = Logic & understanding
  • Mars & Ketu = electronics.
In case of Aerospace computer career or studies related to it- Mars, Mercury and Rahu must be in an air sign and 'Nakshatra' that represents an air sign like Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
Remember, 20-30 years ago there were no computer or computer language and programming as prominent so Rahu never represented such fields, but now that it does, it actually could be benefic in the 5th or 9th house as not only its related to computers but in 5th house a person can become a "Video Game" Champion since 5th house is about fun, and Rahu is electronics, fun & electronics = Video Games. Now, if Mercury and Mars were involved with Rahu in the 5th house then it shows "Video Games programming language skills"; because developing a video games requires creativity and artistic talent which is shown by the 5th house, but in terms of creativity: Venus and Moon should also be considered.



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Astrology of Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory
In Depth Analysis of Astrology in Education as Per Vedic Astrology Theory.
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