When I will Meet my Future Husband [Asked by Sony]

When I will Meet my Future Husband - Asked by Sonya from Georgia, Tbilisi.

Name/Nike Name: Sonya
Gender: FEMALE
Birth Date: 9 April 1994 9.21 pm
Age: 26 years
Country: Georgia
City, Region: Georgia, Tbilisi
When I will meet my future husband. How old he will be? What's his nationality? Will be marriage good? How he looks? 
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru
Dear Sonya,
Your Ascendant falls in the Scorpio sign. This sign has been classified as a watery, fixed or grave, mute, insect sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is feminine, fruitful, violent and revengeful by nature.
For being born in this Ascendant, you will be bold and confident, fond of contests and strife, and very daring when put to task or while facing challenging situations. You will have a determined nature, and often may appear to be somewhat obstinate; at times, you may also appear to be willful, impulsive, and even sarcastic. You will have an active spirit, but will remain well reserved and pensive during conversations. You will be bold and laborious. You will never admit defeat and will not leave your work incomplete. You will be generous and benevolent. You will utter your words very carefully. Your words will be meaningful.
You will subdue your enemies diplomatically. You will be traditional and respect your customs and conventions. Your subtle mind might sometimes become clouded, owing to some of your pre-fixed and inflexible views. You will never like to be imposed upon, but won't hesitate to utilize the effective tool of imposition; with this uncanny ability you will easily be able to outsmart your contemporaries, and come out in flying colors in really critical situations. You will be greatly in fond of all kinds of mysteries; the occult and allied subjects might be of gross interest to you. You will have great interest in art, dance and music. You will have uncanny ability of writing or editing. You might be engaged in conducting some research, or can be attracted to some uncommon field - where intensive brainstorming is a prime requisite for arriving at every correct conclusion.
Physical Appearance: Your complexion may be fair. You will have pale deep eyes and curly hair. You are likely to have a medium stature, a corpulent, able physical structure with a broad visage. You may be somewhat bow-legged or may have some defect in your feet. You may also have aquiline features with deep-drawn facial angles.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Pisces; it is the negative sign ruled by the benign planet Jupiter - which is symbolized by a pair of fishes in opposite postures tied together. It is a common and watery sign, having a characteristic dual nature. Basically, you may have a dreamy nature, and possess the unique tendency of mixing up reality with imagination. With your extreme changefulness and inconstancies, you may really deserve to be branded as queer. You may often appear to be timid, but all on a sudden may revert to being quite unyielding or obstinate - sometimes even audacious; for such tendencies, some people may not consider you to be very reliable or dependable either - for which you may lose some opportunities for advancement. At times you may be guided by fanatical enthusiasm - but you will soon be able to overcome it all by yourself.
You may have a highly passionate nature, and may have no regard at all for the possible consequences; but for this, you may face some troubles quite frequently, and lose sympathy or support of some of your friends and well wishing people. If you are engaged in some creative pursuit, then you will be fortunate to become successful in your endeavors. But if you are engaged in a rather common profession in a modest capacity, then you must curb all these unproductive tendencies, and come back to the real world - by placing your feet on the firm soil. This is for the simple reason that by pursuing fanciful risky projects, you can only render yourself vulnerable to meet with some sort of gross disappointment.
If Moon exerts benefic influence, you will follow a firm direction for putting in your efforts; obviously, you can then look forward to attaining a coveted position and success in all your endeavors. Dame fortune - with her sweet will - may decide as to when to favor you with her blessings of abundance and plenty; you are sure to rise to a dignified position by virtue of your merits and inherent qualities - at a fairly early age-period. But If Moon exerts malefic influence instead, then you are likely to have a shocking disappointment in a love affair; alternately, one of your children may become afflicted with some congenital defect. Besides, you may tend to suffer from morbid tendencies, misplaced sympathies, and even fanatical enthusiasm. Some secretly inimical false friends may try to create a series of troubles for you, and you may even run the risk of losing your credibility, honor, rank or status.


You will be endowed with the quality of perseverance, trustworthiness and kindness. You will be courageous and dauntless. You will be meritorious and energetic. You will be greatly in fond of luxuries of life. You will be adventurous and determined. You will be a respectable person in the society. You may receive honour from the government.

Negative Traits:

You may be doubtful. You may be strong headed and vindictive. You may be insensitive to others.

Special Characteristics:

  1. You will prove to be a very good friend.
  2. You will be very cool minded, will not forget or forgive adversaries very easily.
  3. You will not disclose your plans to others very quickly and will not trust anybody easily.


You can become a doctor, surgeon, chemist, researcher, scientist, industrialist, diplomat and lawyer. You can be successful as an artist and in jobs related with women folk. You may become a secret agent.

Benefic and malefic Planets:

  1. Moon, lord of the 9th house is most benefic.
  2. Mercury, lord of the 8th and 11th house, and Venus, lord of the 7th and 12th house, are malefics.
  3. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are benefics.
  4. Jupiter, lord of the 2nd house, and Venus, lord of the 7th house, are markesh.
  5. Saturn is neutral.

Mrriage Prediction

In Vedic astrology, 7th house of planet is regard as the supporting planet for getting married. Similarly, Venus is taken as the loard of Marriage planet. In your chart, Venus is not in 7th house and it is indication of struggle to find out ideal partner but this planet is very good from present time to June of 2039. You are likely to get married during the month of October of 2022 under the support and blessing of favorable planet Venus. In case you miss that chance, there remain another equally favourable time for getting married in the month of October of 2023. But some effort and buoyancy on your side is very important. Your future husband likely to belong from South East direction of your birthplace and some chances of being being in your current vicinity also do exist. He is likely to be of your own nationality as position of Venus is strong. He shall be loving, caring, active, handsome, attractive and courageous but a bit stubborn in his nature. You are likely to live happy and joyful marital life with him. You will receive favors and benefits from the persons of rank and authority, and also from people of aristocratic background - more so from an influential lady. You will secure improvement in position, and financially you will achieve a superlative status. If you have been employed already, then you would be raised to a more responsible and lucrative position. If you are in business, then it will greatly flourish; you may opt for its expansion, or diversifying to a new prospective field. You might spend liberally for acquiring fashionable clothes, accessories, personal adornments, jewelry, perfumes, articles of comfort, etc - for your family-members and also for yourself. Your domestic life will be very joyful and happy. You may undertake both short and long journeys more than once - for sightseeing and touring purposes. You may however become quite unhappy on account of a member of the opposite gender - who may tend to develop a highly sensitive nature and become overly demanding.
In your chart, the natural significator for marriage (Venus) is not retrograde, or combust or eclipsed. Besides, it is conjoined with- or aspected by- the best of natural benefic planets (Jupiter). This is a favorable combination, termed as SatKalatra Yoga. By virtue of the presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be really very fortunate in respect of having a spouse - who will hail from a noble family, and be an embodiment of virtues and qualities. However, Mars is conjoined with- (or aspects-) Moon - while Saturn is conjoined with- (or aspects-) Venus; and, no other planet is associated with- or aspects- either of these two planets. This is an unfavorable combination - termed as arishta Yoga. Owing to circumstances, you may have some sufferings in life; you may lack peace and satisfaction in your home, and may not get good opportunities in your native place. In your professional career, you may have to struggle hard, and your rank and remuneration might be unusually lower than what you deserve. In connection with your profession, you may have change of place several times. You may lack some comforts and pleasures of life and, if some strong modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, your married life could be a bit unhappy. 



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When I will Meet my Future Husband [Asked by Sony]
When I will Meet my Future Husband - Asked by Sonya from Georgia, Tbilisi.
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