Tell Me Career and Overall Aspect of My Life [Asked by Dipesh]

Tell Me Career and Overall Aspect of My Life - Question Asked by Dipesh from Tanahun, Nepal.

Name/Nike Name: Dipesh
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: 3 November 1997 02.47 am
Age: 22 years
Country: Nepal
City, Region: Tanahun
Tell me Career and overall aspect of my life.
Prediction by  Yodha Astro Guru

General Characteristics:

Dear Dipes,
Your Ascendant falls in sign Leo. This sign has been classified as a fiery, fixed or grave sign. Certain other natural qualitative characteristics have also been attributed to it: this sign is sterile and bestial by nature.
For being born in this Ascendant, you are likely to be endowed with an impressive appearance and firm disposition; your nature will be proud and fearless - rich in life and feeling. You will be ambitious - fond of pomp and magnanimity; but you will always resent any kind of clique and secrecy. You will be very rude towards your adversaries and determined to destroy them at any cost. You will be very courteous and generous as well; will remain ever optimistic, high-spirited, and oblivious to enmity. You will have unique adaptable quality and mingle yourself with new / changed conditions. You will get success in your ventures easily and achieve your goal. Your desired aspirations will be accomplished.
You will have a serious disposition, determined nature, and always believe in keeping promises and fulfilling commitments. You will be traditionalist and have firm believe in traditions and conventions. You will have desire of living freely like a king. You will be authoritative and command others. You will hate restrictions. For your majestic qualities, you will turn many heads and attract the attention of the people occupying authoritative positions. You will be faithful and kind-hearted, for which reason people in your circle will treat you with due respect. Your outlook towards life will be spiritual and philosophical. You will believe in God's existence and have respect for him. You will not commit sinful act. You will not be envious and malicious.
You will be nature loving and like to visit forest and hilly areas. You will have inclination towards literature, music and art. Your attitude will be positive. You may have an intense desire to come to the fore; for fulfilling your objective, you may work hard for acquiring some special abilities.

Physical Appearance:

Your complexion will be reddish. You are likely to have a strong build and impressive physical structure. Your face is likely to be oval shaped and forehead may be prominent. Your distinctive features will be upright walk with a sunny cheerful disposition. With these, you will be the center of attraction everywhere you go.

Mental Characteristics:

In your chart, the Moon is situated in sign Scorpio - which is ruled by Mars, and symbolized by a poisonous insect ready to sting! It is a fixed, negative, and watery sign; the Moon becomes debilitated here. You will be a highly energetic person with a forceful nature - having indomitable courage, and gifted with much endurance. You will be endowed with a high ambition and strong spirit of conquest. In strife, you will be dauntless and implacable, having absolutely no regard to the danger of defeat or facing reversal. You will be replete with leadership qualities and masterful manners. You will be in fortunate and comfortable circumstances, and may secure a commanding position, and you are likely to have many devoted and faithful employees or followers.
If Moon exerts malefic influence, then you may become proud and haughty, and acquire a tyrannical disposition, and may even resort to extremely cruel means for achieving your objectives. But, If Moon exerts benefic influence instead; it will make your mind fruitful - as your passions will turn devotional. You can look forward to attaining a higher spiritual level by judicious utilization of your superior qualities. However, your passion could be very volatile and strong as well - if it is not bridled in time, then it may even lead to dire consequences or even total disaster - as there are chances that you may become very impulsive, and get entangled into strange love-affairs.
The Moon in Scorpio will impart in you a self-reliant attitude and determined nature. You will be able to defend your interests independently. You will be very unassuming, plain spoken, and sometimes can abruptly frown for cutting a long story short. For being conservative by nature and averse to forced changes, you may at times refuse to mend your ways or change your views; for this, some people may brand you as obstinate.
If anyone ever antagonizes you, you may become extremely angry, refuse to forgive, and develop an avenging attitude in mad fury. If a natural benefic planet is situated with the Moon or aspects it, then your marriage will be fruitful and happy; but if natural malefic planet influences instead, then your married life may not be very harmonious, and you may become unhappy owing to-, or on account of-, one of your children - probably the first-born. You may have gross interest in the occult and mystic subjects; and in the event of premature demise of a close family relation at a fairly early age-period, you might be drawn to religion.


You will have an artistic inclination and a creative mind. You will have excellent management skills and able to organize the things in a perfect manner. You will be daring and dauntless like a lion. You will be energetic and full of life. You will be thin-skinned and truthful.

Negative Traits:

You will like to rule others and may be inconsiderate. You may be short tempered and fanatical. At times you may be haughty.

Special Characteristics:

  1. You will appreciate good quality work and skilled workers and expect same from others for yourself.
  2. You will be open minded and will be able to adjust with every person, whether he / she belongs to high or low class.
  3. You will remain attached to your traditions and customs.


You can look forward to having excellent advancement in politics. You can become a political leader, senior executive, diplomat or administrator. You can be successful in research and development work being as a scientist or technician. You can earn money through marble, timber and other product related with forest. You can be a teacher, actor, artist, jeweler, sports person or geologist.

Benefic and malefic Planets:

  1. Mars, lord of the 4th and 9th house, is most benefic and yogkark.
  2. Sun, lord of ascendant is benefic.
  3. Jupiter, lord of the 8th house is marakesh.
  4. Venus and Mercury are malefic.
  5. Saturn is most malefic.
  6. Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are neutral.

Planetary Combinations (Yoga) Prediction

Important Yogas Applicable in Kundali(Chart) :

You are a male person. Your Ascendant falls in a sign owned by a natural malefic planet (who is not in exaltation or in own-sign or in own-nakshatra). No natural benefic planet is situated in the Ascendant or aspects it, while a similar natural malefic planet aspects it. This is not a very favorable combination; it is termed as Khalawata Yoga. Owing to the presence of this yoga, you may have a receding hairline and tend to become bald-headed from sometime around your middle age-period.
In your horoscope, the same planet becomes the Ascendant-lord and the 4th-lord (or these two house-lords are mutually friends as per Naisargika-relationship). Besides it is conjoined with or aspected by a natural benefic planet. This is a really favorable combination, termed as Matri-Sneha Yoga. Owing to the presence of this combination, your mother (or some other person of similar relation) will treat you with great affection, and she will also be similarly disposed towards you.
In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is situated in the Navamsha-sign of a natural benefic planet, and Mars is situated in the sign of a natural benefic planet. Besides, the 3rd-lord is conjoined with or aspected by a natural benefic planet. This overall combination is favorable, termed as Parakrama Yoga. By virtue of having this yoga present in your horoscope, you will be endowed with courage, determination, and strength of will.
In your horoscope, the 3rd-house falls in the sign of a natural benefic planet, and a natural benefic planet is situated in- or aspecting- the 3rd-house - while the lord of the Navamsha-sign of the 3rd-lord is also a natural benefic planet. The overall combination is a beneficial one, termed as SatKathadi-Shravan Yoga. By virtue of the presence of this yoga in your horoscope, you will be a pious soul; you will be interested in studying ancient classics, and religious scriptures, and philosophy; you will also be greatly interested to have a glimpse of the religious heads, and devotedly listen to their religious discourses.
In your horoscope, the lord of Navamsha-sign of 3rd-lord is in vargottama position. This is a highly favorable combination, termed as Rana Praveena Yoga. You are very much likely to become a capable strategist, and gain a series of victories in warfare and/ or active service.
In your horoscope, the 3rd-lord is situated in a fixed (sthira) sign or Navamsha; and, it is associated with one or more natural malefic planet/s - while no natural benefic planet is conjoined with it or aspects it. Besides, the lord of shashtiamsha of the 3rd-lord is a natural malefic planet. The overall combination is very favorable, termed as Pashchat Roodha Yoga. Owing to the presence of this yoga, you will never lose courage and determination on the face of a challenging situation; rather, you will become dogged and adopt ruthless measures for fulfilling your objective and achieving your goals.

Applicable Chandra Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As a planet (excepting Sun) is present in the 2nd from your position of Moon, and such a planet is also situated in the 12th from the position of Moon, it gives rise to a planetary combination known as Duradhara Yoga. This is a favorable combination. Owing to the presence of this combination in your horoscope, you have been born in a wealthy family, will rise to prominence at a fairly early age-period in your life, and enjoy all kinds of comforts and pleasures of life. You will have a charitable disposition, receive benefits from various sources, and your name and fame will be widespread.

Applicable Nabhasha Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

A Nabhasha Yoga combination known as Paasha Yoga is present in your horoscope. This is not a very favorable combination, and during some period in your life, you may have to struggle against adversities and impediments. You may remain in service of others in humble capacities earning modest remuneration and without being treated with due respect. Although you may be skilful in work, you may have a somewhat spiteful disposition; at times you may forget your manners, and lose the sense of propriety. You might be bound to stay in a place against your will under circumstantial compulsion.

Applicable Dhana Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

A highly auspicious combination is present in your horoscope. By dint of your own directed endeavors and by virtue of your sheer strength of will, you are destined to go far ahead of your contemporaries. All your ambitions will be realized, and all your cherished desires fulfilled. People around you will regard you as an exemplary person, and a source of inspiration. You will lead a prosperous and happy life with your spouse, children, relatives, and friends.
As your 11th house coincides with an airy sign, you may have good gains in or from the places situated in the western direction from your native/ birth place.

Applicable Vitta Hani Yoga in Kundali(Chart) :

As in your horoscope a dire malefic planet is situated in your 8th house - which is not influenced by a benefic planet, although you will be fairly well-off, you should remain very careful and cautious, and not take too many chances unnecessarily; you may have to face an untoward happening of serious sort; it is also appears possible that you may inflict grievous injuries to some other person/s - for which you might be hauled up and even be punished.

Prediction from Astrological Constants

Results of Birth in Soura 'Ayan':

You have been born in Sun's Dakshinayana (or Yamyayana). If some modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then the indications are not favorable. You might be endowed with a somewhat proud and haughty nature, or intolerant disposition. Conditions will be improved for the better if some favorable 'Ravi-yogas' are present in your chart (Subha-Kartari, Ubhayachari, Vesi, Vosi, etc). But if Sun is under Papa-Kartari Yoga, or has natural malefic planets in the next 'occupied' sign, then you might be hard-hearted or even deceitful; you might earn your living through agriculture and/ or cattle rearing; alternately, you may remain engaged in doing some such jobs - where the remuneration is not at all in consonance with the amount of efforts expended.

Results of Birth in 'Ritu'(Seasons):

You have been born in Sharat Ritu (or Early Autumn Season). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. Your constitution may be of 'windy' type - for which you may have a restless spirit and a quick-to-anger disposition. You will be an embodiment of courage and strength, and have an ardent desire of gaining victory in battles. You will concentrate on doing your own work for fulfilling your own objectives, amass a good amount of wealth, and acquire many precious possessions. You will be pure-hearted, and people in general will treat you will respect and honor.

Results of Birth in 'Masa'(Month):

(7)You have been born in Ashwina Masa (September/ October). If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are highly favorable. You will be born fortunate, and endowed with abundance and plenty. You will be a very learned person, honored by people from the higher walks of life, and earn a fabulous amount and amass wealth. You will be kind to the poor, generous to your friends, and beneficially disposed towards others. You will recognize merits and talents of other people, and assist them to stand on their own feet. You will always remain engaged in doing virtuous and philanthropic deeds - for which your reputation and honor will remain unsullied forever.

Results of Birth in 'Paksha':

You have been born in Shukla Paksha. If some counteracting influences are not present in your chart, then the indications are favorable. You will be a person of amiable disposition and optimistic nature, and possess broadness of mind and a good moral character as well. With your clarity of thought and expression, you will be able to impress your contemporaries. You will be blessed with good longevity, and enjoy a peaceful and happy family life with your spouse and children. Your state of health may appear to be a bit delicate, but you will have strong resistance to disease.

Result of Birth in Weekday

You have been born on a Sunday. As the lord of the weekday, Sun acquires special importance in your chart; its results - according to its occupied house-position - will become more important. Other indications in general are favorable. You will be energetic, enthusiastic, and full of optimism and purposefulness; you are likely to possess the sense of discrimination and governing qualities. You will become well known in your walk of life, and be held in high esteem as a 'hero' of some sort (i.e., as a person of extra-ordinary caliber). You will enjoy lasting fame and reputation.

Results of Birth in Day or Night :

You have been born during night time. If some modifying influences are not present in your horoscope, then You might be somewhat lethargic, and fond of sleeping during daytime. You may be somewhat secretive, and may wish to keep some of your desires or intentions latent. Besides, you may be a bit lustful - for which you might be subdued by your spouse. However, if a planet is situated in your Ascendant or aspects it, then you will be active, energetic, optimistic, and beaming with enthusiasm.

Results of Birth in Surya-Sidhanta Yoga :

As per Surya-siddhanta, you have been born in Sobhana yoga. This yoga belongs to favorable category. By virtue of being born under this yoga, you will be fortunate in many respects. As the name implies, you will be endowed with attractive appearance with an aura of auspiciousness. You will possess sharp intelligence, ready wit, and worldly wisdom. You will always remain conscious about dignity and honor, and devote yourself in doing some righteous acts and praiseworthy deeds.

Results of Birth in Tithi :

You have been born on 'Tritiya' (or the 3rd) tithi. If a natural benefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the results will be favorable; you will be wealthy, scholarly, and endowed with strength, courage, and valor. You are likely to hold a position of rank, and receive favors and benefits from the authorities. You may travel a lot and stay in various places for long. But if a natural malefic planet is conjoined with Moon or aspects it, then the reverse may hold good. You may have quarrels and disagreements with your siblings, neighbors, colleagues, or friends. You may have to change places and/ or shift residence quite a number of times. For your lustful or sensuous nature and fondness of pleasure of the senses, you may lose your honor sooner than you think.

Results of Birth in Karana :

You have been born in 'Taitila' Karana. It is the fourth Karana of the 'Chara' category. You will be endowed with a delicate physical structure, attractive features, sparkling eyes, and beautiful/ handsome appearance, and pleasing manners. You will be intelligent and clever, and with your oratorical skill you might be able to impress others; besides, you may have proficiency in games and sports, and might be an adept in some branch of fine arts. Although you will have a good moral character and be well known for your good conduct, yet you may have a somewhat pleasure-loving- and even amorous- nature; but as a very sensible person, you will be able to control yourself.

Results of birth in Nakshatra :

In your horoscope, Moon is situated in Anuradha Nakshatra. By virtue of being born in this nakshatra, you will be fortunate in many respects. Owing to change of circumstances, you may have to face opposition or conflict, and struggle during early part of your life. The gained experience of battling against impediments will make you firm, aggressive, harsh, energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic. You may develop your own novel method for eradicating adverse circumstances. You will be a deft person, and acquire proficiency in some practical art or craft. Your earnings will be excellent, and you will possess much property. You are likely to become an Engineer or Technologist.

Vimsottari Dasha Prediction

If Ketu is situated alone in a sign, its sign-lord happens to be a natural benefic planet, and its dispositor is situated in a favorable house (that is, not in 6th or 8th or 12th), then many favorable results can reasonably be expected during its Dasha-period; but if Ketu is conjoined with a natural malefic planet, its sign-lord also happens to be a natural malefic planet, and its dispositor is situated in an unfavorable 'trika' house (that is, not in 6th or 8th or 12th), then adverse results might be experienced during its Dasha-period. If Ketu is in close conjunction with (that is, within 3*20' of) any planet other than Sun and Moon, then Ketu will behave more like that of the conjunct planet; and if it is in close conjunction with (that is, within 3*20' of) either Sun or Moon, then Ketu Dasha is capable of producing some adverse results and untoward happenings. Ketu in close conjunction with Mars may and can bring in serious problem resulting from electric shock and/ or outbreak of fire. This period comes under the combined influence of two fiery malefic planets; as such, it may not be a favorable period for you. You may face many obstacles and hindrances, disputes and contests. People who are inimically disposed towards you - particularly those belonging to the opposite gender - may try to create some troubles for you. You may suffer from fever or excess of heat-generation in the body; there are also some chances that you may receive accidental injury or incur some material losses - resulting from a fire-accident erupting at your residence or in your workplace. In this respect you should remain very careful and cautious, remain adequately prepared, and adopt all possible sorts of preventive measures. However, if both of these two planets are well placed in your horoscope, then you will have a very enjoyable period; you may build a new house of your own, or buy a piece of property. But if both of Mars or Ketu bear affliction in your horoscope, then you may have to undergo a surgical treatment - probably due to some problem affecting a region in some lower part of your body.

Short Horoscope for You

The Sun in transit is crossing over the 6th from your Moon-sign. This is a highly favourable transit; you may come out succesful in a competition or competitive examination, acquire a new position or secure improvement in the existing one. You will remain in good health, be successful in your endeavours and have influx of wealth. Your enemies will be totally vanquished and you will feel very happy. However, this transit is not favourable for your maternal relations, one of whom might fall sick.

The Sun transits this sign during the month of Baishakha, (from about 14-15 April to 15-16 May).

The Moon in transit is crossing over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This transit is highly favourable and you will have an enjoyable period for a couple of days. You will enjoy the company of relatives and friends, particularly of people who are married. You may undertake a journey to a short-distance place for pleasure and all your efforts will be fruitful. The dealings at your workplace will be smooth, and your home-life will be very joyful and happy.
Mars in transit is crossing over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This transit is highly favourable; you will be more courageous, active, enthusiastic and enterprising. All your efforts will be successful and you will reap rich harvests. You may acquire some articles of comfort and costly adornments. The chance of having a change or transfer appears very likely, and you may have to leave your home for this. However, the health and well-being of your younger co-born might be somewhat affected.
Mercury in transit is crossing over the 5th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit and you should curb over-optimism. Speculations and money-lending should be avoided altogether -- unless loss is desired. Your children may become a source of worries to you and for the behaviour of your spouse, you may feel very unhappy. You may feel somewhat disturbed, for which you may not be able to fully enjoy the entertaining game- or film- shows you might go for watching.
Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This is the most adverse transit of Jupiter, and you should remain very careful and cautious; otherwise, you are likely to have a change or transfer to an inconvenient place, for which you might not only lose satisfaction, but also may lack peace of mind altogether. If other planets are also not in favour, then you may lose your status, have separation from a close relative, friend or associate; besides, you may face many impediments and suffer from sickness.
Venus in transit is crossing over the 7th from your Moon-sign. This is not a favourable transit; your spouse may become physically indisposed, and your business-partner (if any) may develop an unpredictable mood. You should be careful in all your dealings, and start delving behind the rosy mask -- for the purpose of viewing things in their proper perspectives. Apparently bright or attractive proposals put forward by new acquaintances should be viewed with suspicion -- particularly in case of partnership/ collaboration. Also, you should try to avoid showing indifference of attitude, pride of intellect, and dogmatism of any sort.
Saturn in transit is crossing over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This is a highly favourable transit; the clouds of gloom will totally disappear and you will have a dawn of fortune. If the Sade-Sati period (which had already elasped) had been quite bad for you, then you can look forward to having a new beginning. You may start afresh in a completely changed environment, and regain all your qualities -- courage, confidence, strength and determination. If your circumstances command so, then you may have a change of profession and/ or residence. You might had been very unhappy with your relatives and erstwhile friends; if so, then from now onwards, you will care for them much less and may even start developing frienship with people from different caste, community or religion -- who are very much likely to accept you with open arms.
Rahu in transit is crossing over the 8th from your Moon-sign. This is not at all a favourable transit and it will be advisable for you to lie low and go slow, and let the dark cloud pass over. You are likely to have a troublesome period ahead, and may have to face many problems arising from various sources. Your spouse or you may suffer from some health-complication, which may become aggravated intermittently and finding full cure may appear to be difficult. The developments at your workplace might be quite discouraging and your earnings may become reduced. You should also avoid having any disputes with the govt.-authorities.
Ketu in transit is crossing over the 2nd from your Moon-sign. This transit is not at all favourable, as the results are quite akin to Saturn's unfavourable transit through the 12th from Moon-sign; you may find difficulty owing to blockage of funds or may even incur some losses -- owing to misplaced trust. You should remain very careful and keep a clean slate in case of tax-matters; otherwise, you could be embracing troubles. Some of your family members may start asserting their differences with you in almost all important matters and frequently you may have to change your decisions in order to appease them.



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Tell Me Career and Overall Aspect of My Life [Asked by Dipesh]
Tell Me Career and Overall Aspect of My Life - Question Asked by Dipesh from Tanahun, Nepal.
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